Connecting electricity, water, telephone and internet to your property in Turkey

After purchasing your villa or apartment in Turkey, we will take care – free of charge of course, also this is included in our service – of connecting the utilities such as water, electricity and Internet on your behalf (see also Why choose RealProinvest and our RealProinvest Diamond Service Pack), and we help you figuring out which formula that meets your needs best. You only pay the actual connecting costs, of which of course you will receive the official invoice. All you need do is give us the power of attorney to handle these formalities on your behalf and our staff will arrange everything for you.

Connecting water and electricity to your villa or apartment in Turkey

The connecting of water and electricity in Turkey happens quite fast and only takes 1 or 2 days. In Turkey, it is customary that you pay a deposit at the connecting of water, gas and electricity, which is calculated based on the average consumption in a similar place for a period of three months. So, if you buy an apartment in a residence where the average power consumption is 100 Turkish lira per month -– for a similar apartment – you will pay, in addition to the actual connecting costs, 300 Turkish lira deposit. If you sell the apartment or when you move, this deposit will be offset in the final bill.

On average, the total cost for connecting electricity is a maximum of 500 Turkish lira; deposit included. For water, it is usually slightly less. If you buy a home which has already inhabited, the connecting costs are lower.

Unlike some other countries, the billing of water and electricity in Turkey isn’t done according to a preliminary calculation of your consumption – where you pay a monthly lump sum and a final statement is made after a year – but you pay every month (or every 2 months depending on the area where your property is located) your actual consumption. In practical terms, this means that your electricity bill in Turkey will be highest during the summer months if you use the air conditioning, while the expense for electricity will almost be negligible during the spring and fall.

The price of a cubic metre of water in Turkey is about 4 Turkish lira and the cost of a kWh is approximate 0,40 Turkish lira.

What do you need for connecting water and electricity in Turkey?

  • A copy of the passport of the property owner
  • A copy of the Tapu
  • A copy of the Iskan
  • A copy of the DASK insurance
  • The tax number of the property owner
  • The completed and signed questionnaire of both the water and the electricity company

With these documents, you go to the office of the water company and the office of the electricity company; where you pay the connecting fee and the deposit. You won’t have to wait long: in most cases, the same day or no later than the next day, you will have water and electricity in your new property in Turkey.

Connecting telephone and Internet to your new home in Turkey

You can apply for Internet and telephone at the same place, namely at Turk Telekom. Obviously, you do not have to take both an Internet connection and a telephone line, but usually, in Turkey – like in a lot of ofther countries – a combination of those is offered as a low-cost package. The first step is to ask the telephone company if the necessary wiring is present, in other words, if your building is connected to the network. If so, then you ask if a representative can come by, or you go yourself to an office to choose the suitable package for you and to sign the contract. Within two to three days, a technician will come by to activate your line and to instal and configure the modem. The installation and configuration – as well as the modem – are for free. The contracts, however, do have a minimum duration of two years. If you prematurely terminate your contract you will have to pay a fine.

If the wiring to your home is not provided yet, you should contact your neighbours and ask if they are interested in a connection, and gather the signatures of 3 to 5 neighbours and submit an application. After a month, your Internet connection will be okay.

An alternative to TT-net – the Turk Telekom Internet – is Super Online, which claims to offer faster Internet than TT-net (and is also a bit more expensive than TT-net). However, in reality this is not always true and highly dependent of the region. If the speed of your Internet connection is very important for you, it is advisable to find out if Super Online is indeed really much faster in your neighbourhood. Our employees have the necessary knowledge and are happy to inform you in this matter.

What do you need for your telephone and internet connection?

RealProinvest will arrange – free of charge – the connecting of water, electricity and Internet in your behalf after purchasing a property in Turkey at our company. This is included in our services (see also Why chose RealProinvest and our RealProinvest Diamond Service Pack) and we also help you to find out which formula meets your needs the best. You only pay the actual connecting costs, of which of course you will receive the official invoice. RealProinvest: always at your service!