Apartments and villa's for sale in Kestel

Kestel is located about ten kilometres east of Alanya between Tosmur and Mahmutlar. The zoning provides for large green areas and Kestel forbids high-rise construction. Thanks to these strict regulations, the quality of life in Kestel is assured, not only now but also in the future. As a result of this, Kestel is more peaceful than – for example – Alanya centre or Oba.

If you want some action: Alanya – especially in summer – is buzzing both by day and by night. There are hundreds of restaurants in all price ranges with a very extensive – both Turkish and international – menu, bars, clubs, discotheques, ... Alanya is also a very international city: literally tens of thousands (!) of foreigners – more than half of them Europeans – have bought a villa or apartment in Alanya and quite a few of them have settled permanently in Alanya.

Climate and location of Kestel

Kestel is located about ten kilometres east of Alanya and about 150 kilometres from Antalya. The climate in Kestel is the same as in Alanya and most of the Turkish Riviera: more than 300 days and more than 3000 (!) hours of sunshine per year, mild winters with little rain and warm summers.

Sea and beach in Kestel

Along the entire coastline of Alanya and the surrounding area you will find endless beaches that slope gently into the Mediterranean Sea. In the west, towards Alanya, these are mainly sandy beaches, east towards Mahmutlar they are a combination of sandy and pebble beaches. The facilities are excellent and the beaches are well equipped with parasols, sun loungers, showers, changing rooms, snack bars and even playgrounds for the little ones.

Places of interest in and around Kestel

One of the most enjoyable excursions in the area is a visit to the Dim Chay cave and the river of the same name with its fish farms and, of course, its fish restaurants and picnic areas. Alanya city – where there is always something to do – is less than ten kilometres away.

Pros and cons of Kestel

Kestel is a small town with only ten thousand inhabitants. Thanks to the strict zoning with ample green zones and stringent building regulations, the quality of life is also guaranteed for the next few decades; which will obviously have a serious impact on real estate prices in Kestel in the coming years.

Are there any cons? Nor really in fact. You have everything for a comfortable daily life at hand; and if you need something that you can’t find in Kestel: Alanya is just a few minutes’ drive.

Cost of living in Kestel

The cost of living in Kestel is on a par with the rest of the region. Fresh natural produce is available abundantly all year round and very cheap. In the local shops of Kestel you will find everything you need. For larger purchases it may be more interesting to go to Alanya or Oba, where you have the choice of dozens of large supermarkets and some shopping centres.

Transport in and to Kestel

There are regular bus connections from Kestel to the centre of Alanya and the surrounding districts. During the summer months, there are direct charter flights from some European cities to Gazipaşa airport, which of course ensures short transfer times as this airport is only about twenty-five kilometres from Kestel.

Kestel is also very easily accessible by the international airport of Antalya with year-round cheap direct (charter)flights from all major airports in Western Europe and the UK, and of course also with scheduled flights – for example Turkish Airlines or Pegasus – with usually a connection in Ankara or Istanbul. The transfer from the airport of Antalya to Kestel takes about two hours via the D400 which has partially been remodeled to a highway.

Education in Kestel

For education, you need Alanya, which has an extensive range of schools at all levels with many fields of study.

Real estate in Kestel

Kestel is a very green district and most of our properties are located in green areas. Thanks to the ban on high-rise buildings and the spacious green areas, Kestel will continue to be a very pleasant place to live or visit on holiday. The prices of real estate in Kestel are considerably lower than in the surrounding districts and many properties are located on the first line. Who likes to live quietly, wants a city within reach and wants to do a good investment in real estate in Turkey should definitely consider Kestel.

Our listings of the Alanya region are quite large and RealProinvest only presents you a strict selection which is limited to properties that offer the best value for money for everyone’s budget.

Why invest in real estate in Kestel?

Kestel is still a peaceful district, and the strict zoning ensures that this will remain so in the future: no high-rise buildings, spacious green areas, etc. There is no doubt that Kestel and this entire region will increase in popularity, if only because of the fantastic endless beaches along the Turkish Mediterranean coast and the immediate vicinity of Gazipaşa Airport. Especially the properties on the first line are a guaranteed hit. Add to that Alanya, which is developing into a real city with all its facilities and which is less than 10 kilometres away, and you know why real estate prices in Kestel will be rising sharply in the next few years ...

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