Transport in Turkey

Turkey is a country where you can get around very easily, either by public or private transport. Turkey has an extensive road network and public transport is well organised.

Private transport

Except in some major cities – with Istanbul as the absolute leader of course – there are virtually no structural traffic jams in Turkey as we know them in a lot of European countries. The roads in Turkey are pretty good and there is a very extensive road network. As you probably know, the interpretation of the traffic rules in Turkey is quite flexible, so it is advisable to adapt your driving a bit ... Your European or international driving license is valid in Turkey, but if you stay longer than six months in Turkey in one uninterrupted period – so this means without to leaving the country once – you should apply for a Turkish driver’s license. You just above to submit your European or international driving license to apply for a Turkish license.

Travelling from Europe to Turkey by car is a wonderful and unforgettable journey

Travelling to Turkey by car is possible, and is a truly wonderful trip. Departing from central Europe, several routes are possible, e.g. across the Balkans or - the nicest one in summer - through Italy and then by ferryboat to Greece. Recently, the Turkish legislation was changed, and the time that your car can stay in Turkey uninterrupted has been increased from six months to two years, which is quite an improvement.

If you don’t come with your own car and decide to rent a car in Turkey, we recommend you to rent at a decent and professional rentacar; to make sure that you rent a car with full coverage insurance; "Full Kasco" as they say in Turkey. A little information gathering will indicate fairly quickly which rentacars have the best reputation offer the best value for money.

You want to rent a car with private chauffeur? No problem, RealProinvest gladly arranges this for its customers

If you wish, you can rely on RealProinvest to rent a car. Also for this service, our customers can appeal to us. We work with some excellent and 100% reliable car hire companies. A phone call to one of our staff members is sufficient and we will arrange everything for you! If you don’t feel like driving yourself, we also optionally provide a professional driver. Individual excursions with private driver can be tailored completely, specifically to your wishes and needs.

Public transport

Turkey has – unlike Europe – no extensive railway network. Domestic trips by public transport happen mainly by bus or plane; and for both there is wide range of possibilities.


For those who don’t want to rent a car, but still want private transport, a taxi might be the best solution. Taxis in Turkey are compared with Europe particularly cheap, but obviously more expensive than the bus in Turkey. Taxis are almost everywhere available abundantly.


Travelling by public transport in Turkey goes smoothly. Both within and between the cities there are regular bus services abound. In the cities themselves, and also local short trips are usually done by Dolmuş. Longer distances are covered by very comfortable touring coaches which depart frequently and at regular intervals. There are several bus companies in Turkey and you really can get almost anywhere by bus. Every town with more than a few thousand inhabitants has its own "Otogar" (bus station) from wherefrom scheduled services depart to the surrounding and larger cities. The Otogar of the larger cities can be compared with airports: constantly express services are departing from there to all major cities in Turkey. Express service is of course a relative concept, and especially in Turkey – which is a vast country compared to some European countries – where the distances between the cities are quite big. An example: if you travel by bus from Antalya to Samsun (Black Sea) by bus, you will spend almost 15 hours on the bus ... In that case, it might be interesting to take a plane: it will take you barely one and a half hour to reach your destination.


The competition of domestic aviation in Turkey – which is characterised by an explosive growth during the last years – with the bus services is intense. The prices of plain tickets are often almost the same – or even sometimes lower! – as u bus fare, and this ensures that a plane ticket In Turkey is quite affordable. Turkey has more than 10 domestic airlines which compete with each other thoroughly, with the result that there is a real price war going on for certain destinations, and moreover there are a lot of flights available. Especially between the big cities there is a very wide range of flights. If you look how many flights there a day e.g. between Ankara and Istanbul; that’s truly impressive. There are few cities in Europe with the same incidence of trains, if any ...

All major cities in Turkey are interconnected by direct flights and comfortable touring couches

Virtually all major cities – Turkey has over 50 airports and during the next years another 6 will be added, which is yet another proof of the strong economic growth and investment potential in Turkey – are interconnected by (mostly) direct or indirect flights. As for so many other things; our customers can rely on the assistance of RealProinvest to book their airline tickets.