Apartments and villa's for sale in Cikcilli

Cikcilli is located a few kilometres northeast of Alanya. The nearest beaches are in Oba. Depending the location of your apartment, sometimes the beach is even within walking distance. Cikcilli is a quiet, green community, not too far from Alanya centre and the beaches, but still away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Ideal for you if you are looking for a peaceful environment but want everything within easy reach.

If you want some action: Alanya - especially in summer - is buzzing both by day and by night. There are hundreds of restaurants in all price ranges with a very extensive – both Turkish and international – menu, bars, clubs, discotheques, ... Alanya is also a very international city: literally tens of thousands (!) of foreigners – more than half of them Europeans – have bought a villa or apartment in Alanya and quite a few of them have settled permanently in Alanya.

Climate and location of Cikcilli

Cikcilli borders Oba and Alanya centre. Antalya is approximately 140 kilometres from Alanya. Alanya's climate is wonderful: long, warm, sunny summers without a single drop of rain. In summer, the temperature here often rises above 40 degrees. Even in winter - except on a rainy day - it is easily 20 degrees during the day and from mid-February onwards, you can wear your T-shirts again until the end of November. 300 days of sunshine per year, more than 3000 (!) hours of sunshine, such figures speak for themselves.

Sea and beach in Cikcilli

The nearest beaches are in Oba, just one or two kilometres from Cikcilli. The beaches in Oba offer the necessary facilities for stress-free holiday enjoyment and most of the beaches have been awarded with the international Blue Flag award for their cleanliness and excellent condition.

Places of interest in and around Cikcilli

Cikcilli is located near Alanya; one of the most beautiful regions on the Mediterranean and of course many people come to enjoy the excellent climate and beautiful beaches of Alanya. The international atmosphere also exerts the necessary attraction: even in winter, Alanya is the place of residence for dozens of nationalities who are living year round in Turkey. Culture enthusiasts will also find something to their liking in Alanya: there are many historical monuments to be found in Alanya and the surrounding region, and the city has an extensive cultural programme of performances and exhibitions, such as the Alanya Jazz Festival, a film festival, art markets and so on. Especially in the summer, there is always something to do, both during day and at night.

Pros and cons of Cikcilli

Cikcilli offers the ideal combination of the proximity of the city and the tranquillity of a peaceful area. The beautiful beaches of Oba are nearby and the centre of Alanya is just a few kilometres away. Cikcillli is a green, airy and spacious district with wide boulevards and beautiful shady parks.

Are there any cons in Cikcilli? Not really in fact. Perhaps you are a little further from the beach, but of course that has a positive influence on property prices; which are noticeably lower than in the centre of Alanya.

Cost of living in Cikcilli

Life in Alanya is significantly cheaper than in Western Europe and the UK. Fresh fruit and vegetables are very cheap – especially at the weekly fresh markets – and thanks to the great climate available all year round abundantly. Prices for electricity, water, mobile phone subscriptions, public transport, hairdresser, car wash and the like are considerably lower in Turkey than in Europe and the UK. In short: daily life is much cheaper in Alanya. Moreover, the real estate in Alanya is 10 to 15 percent cheaper than in Antalya and much cheaper than in, say, Bodrum ok Kalkan. (For more details see below "Real estate in Cikcilli").

Transport in and to Cikcilli

There are plenty of bus connections to the centre of Alanya, and of course Cikcilli is also easily accessible by car.

Cikcilli is very easily accessible by the international airport of Antalya with year-round cheap direct (charter)flights from all major airports in Western Europe and the UK, and of course also with scheduled flights – for example Turkish Airlines or Pegasus – with usually a connection in Ankara or Istanbul. For the transfer from the airport of Antalya to Cikcilli you can count on an hour and a half via the D400 which has been partially been remodeled to a highway. Since a few years there are also direct charter flights in summer season from some European and UK cities to the international airport of Alanya; Gazipaşa, which is located about 45 kilometres east of Alanya. Of course there are also domestic scheduled flights connecting Alanya with the rest of Turkey.

Alanya is also easily accessible by bus from other Turkish cities. Alanya has its own Otogar; from where direct scheduled buses depart to the airports of Alanya and Antalya and various cities in Turkey. In the city itself there is also an extensive public transportation network.

Education in Cikcilli

In Cikcilli itself, there is currently only primary education; however, Alanya has a wide range of schools at all levels with many fields of study.

Real estate in Cikcilli

Several large residences with very comprehensive infrastructure and services are currently under construction in Cikcilli. These new flats meet the highest quality standards and often offer beautiful views of the sea and the mountains. Many foreigners are attracted by the quiet, peaceful atmosphere; the spacious, green surroundings and the excellent value for money of the flats in Cikcilli: the prices in Cikcilli are on average 10 to 15 percent lower compared to Alanya.

Our listings of Alanya are quite large and RealProinvest only presents you a strict selection which is limited to properties that offer the best value for money for everyone’s budget.

Why invest in real estate in Cikcilli/Alanya?

Cikcilli is a constantly growing, new district in the rapidly expanding Alanya. Thanks to its spatial planning, Cikcilli will continue to be a green, quiet district in the future and will increasingly appeal to those who want to live peacefully, yet close to the city with all its advantages. Add to this the beautiful beaches of Oba that are close by and you know that investing in real estate in Cikcilli is a sure bet.

Alanya appears to be an increasingly strong magnet, both to the Turkish population as to foreigners. If you make a boat trip – from Alanya direction East – along Kestel, Mahmutlar and Kargıcak and you compare this image to, let’s say, about fifteen years ago; you won’t believe your own eyes. Ten to fifteen years ago you could clearly see where these towns began and stopped, now you see one elongated ribbon of buildings. In other words: this whole region is becoming one big city along the coast. Because of this still growing attraction – do not forget that it is a dream of a large part of the Turkish population to settle on the Turkish Riviera – you can easily rent out or resell your apartment or villa in Alanya. Also the demand for seasonal renting – like in other coastal resorts as Bodrum, Fethiye and Kalkan – in increasing year by year and very profitable. Moreover, the quality of construction in Alanya and the surrounding area is absolutely excellent and currently the prices are still relatively low, especially considering the high investment potential of this region.

In short: real estate in Alanya is definitely an excellent investment.

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