Why choose RealProinvest?

Reliable and professional

RealProinvest is a professional consulting firm with an excellent reputation and works only with 100% reliable partners.

The best value for money

In our offer you will find only properties with excellent value for money. Daily, we get deals that we do not include in our portfolio because they do not meet our selection criteria.

Specialists team

We are fully informed in detail of the current legislation and applicable procedures. That's for you a guarantee that you will not be faced later with unpleasant surprises. Thanks to our extensive team we have real specialists for every specific item.

Thorough quality control

All buildings and related official documents such as Tapu and Iskan are vetted by our specialists before we include them in our offer; and re-examined before moving on to the draft of a sales contract (see also our method of working).

Smooth purchase procedure

Due to our excellent reputation we enjoy preferential treatment by the authorities. The responsible officials know indeed that RealProinvest is doing a good job and everything is in order, so they enjoy working with us. The result is that the purchasing process of property at RealProinvest goes smooth and supple.

Contact with official agencies is part of our daily activities. Therefore, we also know for what we should be with whom and when.

All these factors together provide an extremely smooth conduct of the procurement procedure, with the result that the entire process of selection till the registration of the ownership can be achieved in just a few days. This doesn't have to go so fast; but for someone with a busy schedule who has only a few days to make a good investment, it is nice to know that it can be done quick and safely if he wishes.

Best Service

Our team is available 24/7 to assist you with your integration in Turkey and to answer all your questions. Where can I find a school for my children, a doctor, where can I learn Turkish, where can I rent or buy a car, what about my mobile phone in Turkey ...?

Why we offer the best conditions and the most valuable bargains

Free inspection trip

We provide free accommodation in one of our hundreds luxury apartments during your viewing trip when you come to Turkey to select an apartment or villa in Turkey.

Free installments

Free installments and assistance in selecting a suitable loan. Several of our partners offer the possibility of free installments, and if desired we check for you the cheapest loan on the Turkish financial market.

The best price

Since we are a large player on the Turkish real estate market, we can always negotiate the best terms for each project, which is of course for you as a customer also a big advantage. Even if you find one of our projects also in an other brokers portfolio, we will always offer you the best conditions and the best service.

Free registration of your property

We provide free of charge for the official registration of your property. No extra charge for a lawyer or notary. If you wish, you can of course rely on a lawyer and we will send you the contact details of some English speaking lawyers in Antalya.

Free connecting of water and electricity

We can help you for free with connecting water and electricity. Again, we as RealProinvest know where, when and with whom we should be to settle this quickly so you do not have to lose your precious time in these institutions. You only pay the connecting fee, whereof you obviously get the original invoice.

We provide certainty and clarity

Complete information

As you could already read above; is real estate is - before we include it in our offer - thoroughly checked; both official documents as the property itself, of course. Subsequently, a report will be drawn up from which we give you a copy during the visit of the property. It also includes any negative remarks (if there are any), so you are fully and decent informed.

Our customers are very satisfied with our transparent and professional way of working


Before making a sales contract, all the documents (such as Tapu and Iskan) are rechecked and we consult the official bodies and databases. Is the seller still the rightful owner of the property? Are there any debts on the property? Are there any consideration titles? Only when everything is approved by our specialists we make a sales contract with you (see info - our method of working).

We are on your side

When negotiating any discounts or payment terms, we always act in the benefit of our customers. Our partners know and accept this way of working because they know that everything always is fair and correct at Realproinvest; and we are a major player in the market. In other words, we sell a lot of real estate for them. They need us, just as we need you ...

Financial transactions

We help the customer to choose the best and cheapest way to pay, as well as the most interesting transaction method; and always provide official receipts so that you have proof that the vendor has also actually received the money and that you bought the property from him.


We will never, never disclose or pass your identity or any other personal information to third parties without your prior written consent. Our customers enjoy complete confidentiality.

Our customers save time and money when purchasing their property in Turkey at RealProinvest

Personal assistant

Once you decide to rely on our services to purchase a property in Turkey, you are working closely with one of our sales representatives; we actually rather call them a "personal assistant". He or she is fully aware of the Turkish real estate market and is always ready to answer all your questions and provide the necessary information. In consultation with you; a selection of properties that meet your needs is made up; and he will advise you in making the right choice. Even after the sale has been concluded, this personal assistant will be your contact person (see our after-sales service).

User Friendly website

We have tried to make our website as user-friendly and informative as possible. In addition to our extensive offer; you will also find various useful information about Turkey and detailed information on the different regions where we offer real estate. You can of course always contact us by mail info@realproinvest.com or ask your question by our contact form. For other contact options see contact.

The best value for money

Due to our years of experience and expertise we are perfectly aware of all the factors affecting the current - and future - value of a property in Turkey . Property that does not meet our selection criteria - for example, a high asking price of the owner; or a project from a construction company with a dubious reputation - we do not take up in our portfolio. Thanks to this expertise, we are very well placed to inform you about great deals and special offers.

Fast and efficient way of working

Over the years we have developed a highly efficient way of working. This offers you the advantage - if you want it to go fast - that it can go fast. In a few (2 or 3) days, everything can be arranged, starting with selecting a property of your choice up to the property registration (see above for Smooth purchase process).

After-Sales Service

You can rely on our after-sales service - free of charge - for the settlement of various issues of a practical nature; such as connecting water and electricity, so you do not waste valuable time on these issues and can fully enjoy your vacation.

Comprehensive services

Fittings and repairs

We help you with the decoration of your apartment such as the selection of furniture and household appliances. Besides, a large share of our properties is ready to move in and fully furnished. If necessary, we also provide the necessary repairs with warranty.

Letting your investment property

RealProinvest offers you a unique formula: we take care of renting out your property so that you have a guaranteed rental income without having to worry about the practical side of things. How this works and how to do that; you can read here.

Managing your property

RealProinvest is the only real estate broker that offers you a full service package for the maintenance and management of your property in Turkey. Buying a holiday house without worries! You can read more about this issue on the page concerning the management of your property.

Free opening of a bank account

We help our customers - free of charge - when opening a bank account in Turkey for leisure and business purposes at any financial institution in Turkey. Moreover, we ensure that our customers always get the best terms and service.

Business services

We help our corporate clients in setting up a company in Turkey; and we assist you by all administrative and practical concerns that come with it, such as finding a good accountant, appoint a manager and - to the delight of our customers - fiscal matters.