Investing in real estate in Turkey

Why would you invest in real estate in Turkey?

Why would you invest in Turkey and more specifically invest in real estate in Turkey? Well, there are several very good reasons why you should consider this. Investing in real estate in Turkey has the benefits that you are assured of a safe investment with high returns (ROI) on top.

Real estate prices in Turkey rise by an average of 18% per year!

Investing and saving is not so simple anymore today. First of all, there are many different options, and also one of the easiest ways – just deposit your money on a savings account – is not really interesting anymore. Since the interest rate on savings accounts is almost reduced to zero; it “pays” to have a closer look at the other options. And those are abundant; for example, your invest your savings in shares, pension funds, the stock market and so on. The past, however, has shown us that such investments are not without risk ... It is therefore important to find a balance between risk and return, and then you come almost automatically to investing in real estate. In addition, if you would like to make an investment in real estate with a guaranteed high return; it becomes clear very quickly that investing in real estate in Turkey is an excellent choice.

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Real estate is a favourite investment for many, and not without reason. Investing in real estate is in fact still one of the safest and most reliable investments you can make; and moreover with a guaranteed return. Maybe not with the highest yield, but safe. Companies come and go, stock prices rise and fall, but the price of real estate is mostly stable, and in general always increasing. There are exceptions (think about the real estate bubble in Spain), but that had more to do with speculation than investing ... It is therefore of utmost importance to analyse the case properly and not to drown in the euphoria of the moment.

Investing in real estate in Turkey with guaranteed high returns

RealProinvest offers you the opportunity to make excellent and safe investments in real estate in Turkey with a fairly high ROI. We are specialised in real estate investments abroad, especially in real estate investments in Turkey.
Maybe you'll just raise your eyebrows now, although the following might interest you if you are looking for a safe investment in real estate, and moreover with high efficiency. We will tell you why …

Turkey has a real growth economy

Turkey is well known as one of the best holiday destinations in and around Europe, and in addition, this country offers great opportunities with regard to invest and investing in real estate. Turkey is in fact (still) a real growth economy, and all indicators suggest that this will not change, on the contrary. Recently (February 2016), the IMF has revised the expected growth figures for Turkey from 2.9% to 3.2%; which is a lot higher than the European growth rates.
It looks that this growth will increase in the following years, by means of – among other things – massive infrastructure projects. Consider, for example, the new Istanbul airport, which will be the largest in Europe – even though Turkey is officially still not a member of the EU – and also one of the largest in the world. This will settle Istanbul definitively as one of the major aviation hubs, with a combined capacity of more than 200 (!) million passengers per year at the Istanbul airports.

Why is investing in real estate in Turkey so interesting?

But of course it is not just only about economic growth. Much more important for us are the constantly rising real estate prices. That, of course, is why investing in real estate in Turkey offers an excellent return.
This strong rise of real estate prices in Turkey has several causes. First of all, Turkey is, in a very fast pace, upgrading itself according to the European model. The standard of living is rising steadily, which also increases the demand for decent housing. In addition, Turkey also has a strong population growth (1.5% in 2015). These factors, combined with the attractiveness of certain regions cause an even stronger rise – compared to the national average – of real estate prices in those regions, so an even higher return. Then, if such a “magnet” also has an acute shortage of construction land plots, it becomes quite clearly that an investment in real estate at such a place can only be a “winner”. Some of these areas include Antalya and Istanbul. As for Istanbul, we can be brief: Istanbul is simply one of the biggest cities in the world with an ever faster growing population; and is well on its way to become one of the largest and most expensive cities in the world. Antalya is a different story; but more about Antalya in a while ...

The overall rise in real estate prices in Turkey amounts to 18% per year!

A big part of the RealProinvest portfolio consists of real estate in Antalya and other famous tourist sites (such as Alanya, Side, Kemer, Belek, Didim, Bodrum ...) at the Mediterranean Sea. On one hand we have the more touristic places, and on the other hand cities such as Antalya, Alanya and Istanbul, which actually are a combination of an important tourist spot and a rapidly growing city.

But, what makes these places so interesting for you to invest in real estate, and what causes them to generate such a high returns? We suppose that this is already partially obvious, but we would like to explain it somewhat more profoundly. Let's start with the more touristic places. Firstly, Turkey is a giant tourist magnet: each year millions and millions of tourists visit Turkey and thousands of them buy a villa or an apartment in Turkey; for which of course are also some good reasons.

The strong population growth and the interest from abroad provide a constant and high demand for housing in Turkey

This ensures a constant demand for real estate in Turkey – and more specifically the Turkish Riviera region – and not only from abroad. As a result of the increasing standard of living in Turkey, there are more and more Turkish people who want to buy a holiday home at the Turkish Riviera, and they also can and do it. Moreover, it is a dream of a large part of the Turkish population to settle at the Turkish Riviera. An easy solution would be of course to just merrily build everywhere where it’s possible, but it is not that simple. You wouldn’t expect this maybe, but Turkey has very strict building regulations. In the most touristic resorts, it is absolutely forbidden to construct high buildings, and in some regions the maximum building height is even limited to two or three stories. Moreover, the number of available land plots at the coast is scarce or even non-existent. Because everyone wants to buy as near as possible to the coast, the real estate prices in those regions are constantly rising.

Real estate in Antalya

The same story is set in the coastal cities of Alanya and Antalya, whereby Antalya is quite a special case. According to a recent report by the renowned research firm Euromonitor International; by 2020 Antalya will be in the top ten – at the sixth place – of the fastest growing cities in Europe. Just this fact alone means a guaranteed high return on investment for real estate in Antalya. But it’s not finished yet ... On the western side, Antalya is adjacent to the Taurus Mountains. The district Konyaaltı – which extends from the centre of the city to the mountains and that until some years ago mainly consisted of orange plantations – experiences the last 10 years an explosive growth. All land plots till 1 to 2 kilometres inland have been sold, and some neighbourhoods seem like one big construction site. The latest apartment buildings are – literally – at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. Also here, a shortage of construction land plots and strict building regulations: the construction height is limited to 5 stories. You can guess the outcome; you also know what an impact this has on the prices of real estate ...

The shortage of building plots and the attractiveness of this region results in a sharp rise in property prices in Antalya

Yet another important element: in 2016 the "River Project" was launched, also in Konyaaltı. This means that the bed of a damned river will be dredged so that the sea will flow inland over a length of several kilometres. Therewith kilometres new beach will be created, a marina, promenades and so on. Overall, a very ambitious and prestigious project that will transform Konyaaltı into an exclusive and sophisticated resort. While the price increase of real estate in Konyaaltı – among other things like the fact that there were still plenty of land plots available – until a few years ago was quite normal; the prices will increase exponentially during the next years owing to the interaction of the aforementioned factors.

Overall, the property prices increase in Turkey is among the highest in the world! According to a report published in March 2016; "The Global House Price Index" of the authoritative "Knight Frank Global Real Estate Consultants" – one of the largest and best-known international real estate consultants – the average real estate price rise in Turkey amounted to 18% during 2015 (the largest increase in the world); which once again demonstrated that investing in real estate in Turkey offers an excellent return.

For comparison, we give you also the numbers from of Western European countries. The price increase in Germany: 4.7%; The Netherlands: 3; 5%; Belgium: 2.2%; Spain: 1.2% and France -2.9% (!). As you can see: plenty of good reasons to invest in Turkish real estate.

All indicators are showing that the real estate prices in Turkey will increase even faster in the near future

RealProinvest presents you different formulas, so that you can safely invest in real estate in Turkey, with guaranteed high returns. For your convenience, we have developed various formulas for you; such as investing in resorts, off-plan property purchases with free installments or rent out your property with our contractually guaranteed rental income system. We also ensure you that the purchase process runs quickly and smoothly. If you wish; the purchase of your villa or apartment in Turkey can even be handled completely in just a few days, so you don’t have to spend much time to buy a property in Turkey. One of the best ways to become acquainted with real estate investments in Turkey is to make a free inspection trip; during which you will be guided by one of our specialists who will present you a number of properties which meet your needs. Of course we take the accommodation costs at our expense.

The purchase of a property in Turkey can be handled in just a few days

Frequently, there are also very special offers, literally. These are exceptional opportunities for someone who wants to invest in real estate in Turkey. The key is to react quickly, because logically, these properties are sold quickly. If you would like to be informed about new projects and / or extraordinary opportunities to make an excellent investment in Turkey, we suggest you subscribe here to receive our newsletter or to consult our blog regularly.