After-sales service

Comprehensive after-sales service with the RealProinvest Diamond Service Pack

To be able to provide you with an even more efficient service, we at RealProinvest have developed an annual after-sales service. Thanks to our RealProinvest Diamond Service Pack, you can enjoy a personalised service and we can provide you with a lot of things, such as the timely payment of your electricity and Internet bills, payment of the annual property tax, a cleaning service for your villa or apartment in Turkey, and much more.

Want to buy a villa or apartment in Turkey without any hassle? It is possible thanks to our RealProinvest Diamond Service Pack!

What is included in the RealProinvest Diamond Service Pack?

  • Assistance with booking plane tickets;
  • Assistance with renting and/or buying a car;
  • Guidance on the design of your property in Turkey and the purchase of related matters;
  • Assistance with hiring professionals for maintenance and repair work and/or conversion work and painting of your property in Turkey;
  • Assistance with finding staff to maintain your property in Turkey, such as cleaners, gardener, pool cleaner and guidance of the negotiations and contacts with companies that provide these services;
  • Organisation of transfers from the airport to your property in Turkey and vice versa for you and/or your family and guests;
  • Organisation of excursions and trips in Turkey;
  • Arranging your insurance and communication with the insurance company in Turkey;
  • Collecting all your invoices for utilities of your property in Turkey and the payment thereof;
  • Payment of the annual property tax for your villa or apartment in Turkey;
  • Monthly review of your villa or apartment in Turkey during your absence;
  • Immediate inspections after severe storms and after consultation with you, we’ll take care of any repairs.

The services cost € 150 per year ensuring that a lot of the tedious work is taken out of your hands

This service is without doubt extremely useful to owners who only occasionally stay in their villa or apartment in Turkey: they don’t have to worry about anything and know that their property is in safe hands; looked after and insured by professionals, in other words, RealProinvest. Even if you have a hectic schedule or don’t master the Turkish language, the RealProinvest Diamond Service Pack is highly recommended. And even if you spend several months a year in your Turkish home or indeed live here on a permanent basis, the RealProinvest Diamond Service Pack could still be of significant interest to you. You needn’t worry about administrative matters and you can rest assured that you can come directly to us for advice about anything and everything. This has always been the case and therefore is one of the factors that makes us stand out. But because of the extra work that this service entails, unfortunately we feel obliged to charge a small fee of 150 Euro a year.