Off-plan real estate investments in Turkey with high returns

If you decide to invest in real estate and to buy a property in Turkey – which has yet to be built, but whose plans already exist and the date the constructions will begin is announced – this is called an off-plan investment. In simple terms, an off-plan investment in Turkey means that you are making an investment in a yet to be built property in Turkey; which can be either a house, a villa, an apartment or a commercial building.

Off-plan investments in Turkey offer a return up to 40% within 2 or 3 years!

The benefits of an off-plan investment in Turkey are excellent: this form of investing in real estate in Turkey offers a very high yield of about 20-30% within 2 to 3 years. To understand this, it is interesting to know how the Turkish real estate market functions ...

When a contractor starts a new project, he may not have sufficient funds to finance everything himself. The reason is very simple: these are mostly huge projects of a few tens to hundreds of apartments or villas in residences, thus a lot of capital – to tens of millions – is required. Some developers – except a few very big companies – sometimes don’t have sufficient funds to start the construction works, because they invested their capital into the building plot, which can be very expensive as e.g. in Antalya or Istanbul.

Another approach is, that a contractor shall not buy the land from the owner, but in exchange for the land, the landowner receives a part of the apartments or villas. To us, this way of working seems a little peculiar, but in Turkey, however, this is a completely normal strategy and has absolutely nothing to do with the reliability of the developer.

To gather the necessary funds, the contractor can decide to sell some apartments or villas off-plan at highly reduced prices, which discounts can rise up to 25 to 30 percent (in relation to the intended sales price when the residence is finished). It goes without saying that an off-plan acquisition is an excellent property investment in Turkey with high yield, and moreover a safe investment since we work only with the best and most reliable contractors. We offer some off-plan investments in Turkey at excellent locations like Antalya and Istanbul, where we know for sure that prices will increase significantly.

In some cases, an off-plan investment can be combined even with the system of free installments, or by making an investment in an apartment with a guaranteed rental income. If you would like to be informed about new projects and / or extraordinary opportunities to make an excellent investment in Turkey, we suggest you subscribe to our newsletter below.