Information about our apartments and villas in Turkey

Extensive range of villas and apartments in Turkey

On our website you will find an up-to-date overview of almost four hundred apartments and villas in Turkey. We tried to make our website as clear as possible so that you will find all the relevant information regarding an apartment or villa in Turkey at a glance. If something is not clear or important information is missing, please contact us by mail, telephone, … ; or fill out the contact form on this website. Then we will send you as soon as possible the additional information.

You can't find what you’re looking for? Please contact us and we'll find the right property for you!

Feel free to contact us if you just want our advice or you have some questions, or if you’re looking for something special; or you don’t find immediately what you have in mind. Please send an email to or fill in the application form. Our sales representatives will get in touch with you as soon as possible and assist you in making the right choice or provide you with the requested information. All our employees are professionals with a lot of experience in the real estate business in Turkey, and moreover, living many years in Turkey. They get their information not just from some brochure, but know what they are talking about from experience. They also know the different regions of Turkey, and they inform you properly about the advantages and disadvantages of each property and its location, the town or the neighbourhood, the infrastructure and so on. And of course, they provide you with detailed information about each property.

Detailed and comprehensive information about the real estate market in Turkey

A serious decision

We know that it is not always an easy or obvious choice, and perhaps one of the biggest decisions in your life, to buy an apartment or a villa in Turkey. Therefore, we inform you as good and as clear as possible and we work openly and transparently. Moreover, we always raise the bar for ourselves and we guarantee you an excellent service in all areas. That's simply our way of working!

At RealProinvest, you will get extensive information about each apartment or villa in Turkey in our portfolio about:

  • The layout of the building, how it is orientated, the views and the location;
  • The availability of kitchen appliances, furniture, air conditioners, …;
  • The number and type of swimming pools: private, heated, inside, outside, ...;
  • The facilities of the complex, such as sauna, Turkish bath, fitness, SPA centre, sports grounds, ...;
  • The location of the property: the distance to the sea, shops, public transport, schools, parks, ...;
  • The materials used for the construction, when the property was built, ...;
  • The monthly fixed costs (Aidat) of your apartment or villa in Turkey;
  • And, of course, if this particular apartment or villa in Turkey is a good investment. We pay special attention to this issue for our customer-investors.

For those of you who are looking for a building plot in Turkey, we inform you about:

  • The purpose and the location of the plot;
  • The local building regulations such as the allowed number of floors, the allowed building area of the plot, …;
  • The location: is there public transportation in the vicinity, what about the main roads, is the site easy accessible, …;
  • The investment potential.

Are you looking for a commercial property in Turkey? Then you may expect from us the following information

  • The business potential of the property and advise about the best options;
  • A cost-benefit analysis;
  • Whether any tenants are present and if these contracts can or will be maintained, or if they can or will be terminated;
  • The layout of the building and the surface of the business premises;
  • Obviously there is much more information available, but for privacy reasons extensive information is available on request only.

For investors and businessmen who are interested to buy a hotel in Turkey we provide, among other things, the following information:

  • The location: the distance to the (private) beach or the sea, sightseeing, local infrastructure, …;
  • The rating on the booking websites and reputation on review websites, the official classification of the hotel such as the number of stars;
  • The layout of the hotel: number of rooms, types of rooms, bars, restaurants, swimming pools, sports grounds, ...
  • The efficiency of the hotel and of course a report on the financial health and management.

It goes without saying that we deal very discreet with all available information, both to the buyer and the seller. RealProinvest provides full and objective information about all our apartments and villas in Turkey and informs you about the excellent investment opportunities in Turkey.