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Antalya is the capital of the province with the same name located at the Mediterranean Sea. Antalya is the most important city on the Turkish Riviera any without any doubt the most famous one. The population increases continuously and Antalya is well on its way to become one of the largest cities in Turkey. A recently published report of the international research agency “Euromonitor International” states that by 2020 Antalya will be the sixth fastest growing city in Europe. It goes without saying that this is one of the important reasons why investing in this region is so interesting and offers a guaranteed high return.

Antalya enjoys – thanks largely to tourism – international fame; and in turn, tourism owes its popularity to the climate, the beautiful nature and the excellent value for money of the services offered, AND the world famous Turkish hospitality. Holidaymakers from all over the world know that the region of Antalya is one of the places to be on this planet, and also easily accessible from Western Europe, the UK and the Middle East. Even during the low season – the "so-called" winter months, Antalya does not have winters as we know them – there are daily direct charter flights from e.g. Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, London and Brussels or other international European airports to Antalya.

Climate and location of Antalya

Antalya is located approximately in the middle of the Turkish Mediterranean coast and the entire region enjoys the famous Mediterranean climate. This means moderate winters with small amounts of rain and warm summers. The biggest part of the precipitation is in the winter months during showers and thunderstorms. Antalya climate = 300 (!) days of sunshine per year, more than 3000 (!) hours of sunshine per year, such figures speak for themselves … In other words: the typical drizzle weather that we know so well in Western Europe and the UK is a rare exception in Antalya. Occasionally it happens that the temperature goes below zero at night in January or February, maybe this happens at most 2 or 3 nights a year ... And during the day there is the sun again and temperatures easily rise above 15 degrees. Winter is a relative thing in Antalya and on the Turkish Riviera.

The warm climate and the location at the foot of the impressive Taurus Mountains provide special opportunities in Antalya. For example, in spring you can go skiing in Saklıkent in the morning – less than an hour's drive from Antalya – and in the afternoon you can sunbathe on the beach – where it can easily be 25 degrees or more by the end of March – and swim in the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea.

Sea and beaches at Antalya

The old town of Antalya is located on a cliff a few dozen of meters above sea level. Just outside the center; the 6 km long beach of Konyaalti – a mixed sand and pebble beach – starts on the western side and on the eastern side of the city you will find the sandy beaches of Lara, which continue for dozens of kilometres along the coast. A lot of beaches in Turkey have been awarded with the "Blue Flag Award": a certificate that confirms the excellent quality of the sea water and that the beaches are clean and well maintained; and also that those beaches have the necessary infrastructure for a pleasant day by the sea. In summer, the temperature of the Mediterranean Sea in Antalya rises to 27 or 28 degrees. In winter, the water almost never gets colder than 20 degrees. For those who like it a little bit warmer: the water temperature in the swimming pools often exceeds 30 degrees during the summer months ...

Places of interest in and around Antalya

Antalya is a bustling city with a lot of historical sites from the Roman Empire up to contemporary modern architecture. Antalya has a rich historical past and in recent decades several new and exciting attractions have been built; such as the Antalya Aquarium, Aqualand, a dolphinarium, the “Wheel of Antalya”, several large shopping centers with cinemas - with both English and Turkish movies - and restaurants, ... One of the main attractions in Antalya is the old town Kaleiçi with its picturesque harbor – with of course a lot of cozy restaurants & bars - and Adrian’s Gate. It would just take us too far to discuss all the Antalya options here. Just assume that Antalya is on its way to become a city like Amsterdam, Milano or Barcelona – if it isn’t already – and that there’s always something to do whatever your interest might be.

Pros and cons of Antalya

Antalya is an average sized city – compared to European standards anyway – and already has more than one and a half million inhabitants. Consequently, Antalya offers you everything you would expect from such a city – such as theatres, museums, shopping malls, parks, countless restaurants, cafes and nightclubs – but, and this is quite special: without its disadvantages. Antalya is a very safe city with a very low crime rate – much lower than most Western European cities – and has practically no structural traffic jams; which also means less air pollution and so on. By the way, these are characteristics that apply to almost the whole of Turkey: the crime rate is – with the exception of a few neighborhoods in Istanbul – very low; and the same goes for the congestion problem. Antalya does even better than the Turkish average and is therefore one of the safest cities in Turkey and Europe! Good to know: the locals are extremely friendly, helpful and very tolerant to other cultures and nationalities.

Are there any cons? Not really in fact. It’s not by coincidence tourism is growing year by year. Just to mention something; the warm climate of Antalya has of course its downside. During July and August it can be really hot in the center of Antalya. So if you don’t like balmy nights, keep this in mind.

Cost of living in Antalya

Daily life in Antalya is significantly cheaper than in Western Europe, the UK and the US. Fresh fruit and vegetables are very cheap – especially at the weekly local markets – and thanks to the climate they are available abundantly all year round. Prices for electricity, water, mobile phone subscriptions, public transport, hairdresser, carwash and the like are considerably lower in Antalya than in Europe, the UK and the US. Almost everything is more affordable in Antalya compared to other Mediterranean countries and Europe. In short: daily life is much cheaper in Antalya.

Transport in and to Antalya

Antalya is easily accessible by the International Airport of Antalya with year-round cheap direct flights by low-cost carriers from all major airports in Western Europe, and of course also with scheduled flights – for example Turkish Airlines or Pegasus – with usually a connection in Ankara or Istanbul. Antalya is also easily accessible by bus from other Turkish cities. Public transport in and around Antalya is excellent and extremely cheap: thousands of buses cross the city on more than a hundred different scheduled services that run very frequently. Recently, an ultra-modern tram has also appeared in the cityscape, which brings you from the city centre to the airport in no time. Wide and traffic jam free roads ensure a smooth traffic flow.

Education in Antalya

Since Antalya is a big city, there are of course schools in abundance, both public and private, universities and colleges, as well as some international schools where lessons are given in English or Russian.

Real estate in Antalya

The real estate offer in Antalya consists mainly of apartments in residences, and beautiful exclusive villas which are usually also located in high-end residences in the outskirts of Antalya. The range is very varied from small one bedroom apartments to very luxurious and spacious villas and apartments in exclusive locations. There is something for everyone's taste and budget to find in Antalya and the price-quality ratio of the properties RealProinvest offers is good to very good. We have extensive listings of apartments as well in Lara, the city centre or in Konyaaltı and of course also in the new rapidly developing area of Kepez.

Why invest in real estate in Antalya?

Buying an apartment in Antalya is definitely a good investment. The real estate prices are constantly rising, even though building is continuing. Because the available building land is becoming very scarce, the prices are going up exponentially. At the moment they are still very reasonable, especially compared to European property prices.

On the western side, Antalya is adjacent to the Taurus Mountains. The district Konyaaltı – which extends from the centre of the city to the mountains and that until some years ago mainly consisted of orange plantations – experiences the last 10 years an explosive growth. All land plots till 1 to 2 kilometres inland have been sold, and some neighborhoods seem like one big construction site. The latest apartment buildings are – literally – at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. Also here, a shortage of construction land plots and strict building regulations: the construction height is limited to 5 stories. If you add to that the ever-growing popularity of Antalya; you also know what an impact this has on the prices of real estate ...

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