Documents required to buy a villa or an apartment in Turkey

Thanks to the thorough simplification of procedures and legislation; the purchase of a villa or an apartment in Turkey is no complicated matter anymore, on the contrary ... The whole process is clear and transparent, and also the required documents are easy to obtain. Obviously RealProinvest accompanies you throughout the whole purchase process.

Preparing the documents required for the purchase of a villa or an apartment in Turkey is very simple and of course, together with you, we take care of this

The things we can arrange ourselves, obviously we do them ourselves; and the cases where your personal presence is required we do together with you (or you can do those things yourself if you wish of course). Below is an overview of the documents required for the purchase of an apartment or villa in Turkey.

The following documents are prepared by RealProinvest for you

  • All information about your chosen real estate: in addition to the detailed information sheet (see also viewing trip and our method of working), we provide you with a report confirming that the property is free of court decisions or encumbrances. If there should be still a related to the property rest - for example, at a resale and if previous mortgage is not fully repaid - we obviously inform you about this and we take care of a decent solution.
  • A purchase and sale contract in Turkish and English. We use a simple standard contract which obviously can be adjusted if the need is there.
  • Extensive documentation about the developer and the contractor of your chosen property, and in the case of a resale also the details of the previous owner.
  • Additional information: we provide you a documentation file on our licences, the rights of foreigners to buy property in Turkey and things like that.

The required documents we prepare together with you

  • The application of your personal tax number in Turkey. This application runs very smoothly and is arranged in a few minutes. All you need to do is go to the tax office, take your passport with you and a copy of your passport and your get immediately your personal tax number.
  • Get a set of passport photos. Both on the Tapu (title deed) as on the official registration of the register itself; your photo will be attached. Also for possible proxies (see below) a photograph may be required.
  • The translation of your passport by a sworn translator. He will prepare this translation on a standard form of the Office of Tapu and Cadastre and ratify this translation at a notary.
  • A power of attorney: employees of RealProinvest will assist you in connecting water, electricity and internet. If you wish, we provide this service free of charge for you, so you don’t have to do anything. In this case; we need an official notarised power of attorney from you – here we use the extra passport photos – to perform the connecting in your name. Even if you are not able to receive personally the Tapu - for example, you are no longer in Turkey - at the Office of Tapu and Cadastre; one of the employees of RealProinvest will do it for you using a proxy. Of course, it is clearly specified in the power of attorney for which it could be used! This power of attorney shall be drafted by a notary and translated simultaneously for you by a sworn translator.

As you can see; the preparation to buy a villa or apartment in Turkey is quite easy. Thanks to our efficient way of working, the entire procedure can be completed in a few days if the documents were all well prepared; and this is exactly one of the specialties of RealProinvest. Thanks to our experience – after all, this is our daily business – we know exactly how we can arrange everything quickly and easily to provide you – our customer – the best possible service. To learn more about our service and support; please read our service pages.