Car rental in Turkey

Also for car rental in Turkey, our customers can come to RealProinvest. We work with some of the best car rental companies that provide excellent service and well serviced cars in all price ranges - both long and short term - and at justified prices. Take your pick out of a Diesel, petrol, economy, deluxe, automatic or manual car. All it takes is one phone call to one of our staff members and the car of your choice will be delivered to you at the agreed time.

Our staff will look after everything for you

It goes without saying that you can contact us so we can sort out any problems at our office. We will look after everything for you. By making a quick call to one of our staff members, we can help you if you need another car or would like to extend the rental period. If there’s any problem at all, we will try to solve it as swiftly as possible.

These cars are of course fully insured and fully comprehensive, so you won’t get an unpleasant surprise should anything go wrong. Just like with our other services, we have the same goal in mind: we want you - our customer - to enjoy a carefree stay in Turkey.

You want to rent a car but don’t want to drive it yourself? That’s not a problem! Individual trips with a private chauffeur can be customized, just for you at RealProinvest.