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Mersin is one of the larger coastal cities on the Turkish Mediterranean Sea, and is located about one hundred kilometres west of Adana. With a population of about one million, Mersin is a much larger city than Alanya. For connoisseurs of the region, one could say that Mersin is a small Antalya. There is no doubt that Mersin will grow to be a big city like Antalya in the near future as it has a similar infrastructure.

For most Europeans, Mersin is still a big unknown, but that will soon change thanks to the rapid growth of Mersin and the large supply of affordable real estate.

Many investors have discovered Mersin and appreciate the enormous potential of the city.

Climate and location of Mersin

As you would expect from a city with this geographical location, Mersin has an excellent Mediterranean climate. This means mild winters with relatively little rain and warm summers. In winter, Mersin is a few degrees warmer than Antalya; but - surprisingly - the summer months are slightly less hot than Antalya and Alanya. All in all, a sunny warm climate without the - almost extreme - heat of, for example, Alanya during the summer.

Sea and beach in Mersin

Along the entire coastline of Mersin, there are dozens of beautiful sandy beaches that slope gently into the water. Most of the beaches in Mersin receive the Blue Flag award year after year for the cleanliness of the beach and sea water and the good infrastructure with, among other things, various possibilities for water sports such as scuba diving, water and jet skiing; and, of course, the well-known attractions such as parasailing.

Places of Interest in Mersin

As everywhere in Turkey, Mersin has an abundance of historical sites, ranging from ruins from the Roman Empire to fortresses and churches. There are several large promenades along the sea front where you can stroll and enjoy beautiful sunsets. A little further inland, you can enjoy the beautiful nature and make trips along the mountain rivers.

Since Mersin is already becoming a real city, there are also several large shopping centres where you can find everything from cheap local brands to shops with a worldwide name and fame. And for the gourmets among you: yes, there are hundreds of restaurants in Mersin where you can enjoy delicious dishes and the famous Turkish hospitality. And all this at very attractive prices!

Pros and cons of Mersin

One of the big advantages of Mersin is that it is still a "city on a human scale". You will find everything here that you also find in bigger cities, but without the suffocating bustle of big cities like Izmir and Ankara. Another - very important - bonus is the cost of living in Mersin: life in Mersin is considerably cheaper than in other coastal cities such as Alanya and Antalya. Also real estate is noticeably cheaper in Mersin.

Disadvantages? Mersin has currently only one disadvantage, and that is the accessibility from Europe. There are still no - or few - direct flights to Mersin like to Antalya from most European cities. But this is about to change thanks to the opening of a new major international airport in the Tarsus district, located between Adana and Mersin (see below under "Transport in Mersin").

This temporary disadvantage is amply compensated by the attractive real estate prices.

Transport in Mersin

Public transport in Mersin is overwhelming and several bus lines take you literally everywhere - usually even directly. For those who are not so keen on public transport, cheap taxis are of course abundant in Mersin, as in most Turkish cities.

From Mersin's Otogar (bus terminal), dozens of both local and intercity buses depart daily to just about anywhere in Turkey. Of course, there is also a direct bus connection to Adana airport with dozens of flights a day to various Turkish cities, the most important of which is, of course, Istanbul. Throughout the day, there are several flights per hour to and from Istanbul, so that a smooth connection to all European cities - and even worldwide - is guaranteed, since Istanbul is one of the largest hubs in the world. The distance from Mersin centre to Adana airport is about 70 kilometres.

However, it seems that this will change in the near future. In Mersin, too, tourism is on the rise - this will of course bring direct charter flights from Europe - and there is also a new airport under construction between Mersin and Adana, scheduled to open in 2023. This will halve the travel time from the airport to Mersin centre. This is extremely important as the government has opened up a large strip of land along the coast as a tourist zone; and the construction of the first 5-star resorts "à la Belek" is already underway.

Cost of living in Mersin

Life in Mersin is noticeably cheaper than in Western Europe and even a lot cheaper than in many other Turkish cities. Fresh fruit and vegetables are very cheap - especially at the daily local markets - and, thanks to the climate, available in abundance all year round. Prices for electricity, water, mobile phone subscriptions, public transport, hairdressers, carwashes and the like are considerably lower than in Europe. In short: daily life in Mersin is downright cheap.

Education in Mersin

Education is very important in Mersin. There is a wide range of schools - both primary and higher education - and the city also has four universities.

Real estate in Mersin

RealProinvest's offer in Mersin mainly consists of new apartments of high quality and resale apartments - usually only a few years old. RealProinvest has a relatively large offer in Mersin, and that is of course not without reason... We notice a strong increase in the demand for both affordable real estate as an investment and for attractively priced flats as a second residence abroad. Since real estate in Mersin meets both requirements, it is logical that the demand is continuously increasing and we are expanding our offer in Mersin.

Why invest in Mersin?

If you have read the above carefully, it is clear that a property investment in Mersin is particularly attractive thanks to the still relatively low prices and the growth potential of this city.

There is no doubt that Mersin will soon become a city like Antalya, and this will of course lead to a significant increase of real estate prices.

These are several reasons why many of our clients choose Mersin when they decide to buy an apartment - whether as an investment or for personal use - in Turkey:

  • There is a wide choice; from budget-friendly smaller flats to spacious and very spacious duplex and luxury penthouse apartments.
  • The apartment buildings are usually situated on generous plots so that the residences have spacious private gardens with swimming pools.
  • Mersin is located by the sea. Of course, not every flat can be right on the beach, but a large part of our offer in Mersin is within walking distance of the beach. Moreover, you get much more value for your money with flats that are located a little further from the beach.
  • The residences included in our offer in Mersin are built by the best developers in the region.
  • Many residences in Mersin have extensive facilities such as 24/7 security, camera surveillance, a swimming pool, sauna, fitness, a playground for children and so on.
  • You are assured of a stable and good rental income - if you wish, of course - on top of the continuously increasing value of your property.

In short, it goes without saying that investing in property in Mersin is very interesting and currently still a great opportunity for investors.

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