Legal advice in Turkey at RealProinvest

Why legal advice in Turkey?

It can happen that you are faced with situations whereby it is preferable or even essential to consult a specialist who can provide you with the necessary legal advice in Turkey. In dubious circumstances, or when you feel that you don’t have the required or relevant information, it is worth the effort to consult external experts such as a lawyer or a notary. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry; and their recommendations can ensure you that you make the right decisions and can reduce the risks as much as possible. Turkey is, after all, for many foreigners still relatively unknown territory in legal matters; and the assistance of an English-speaking lawyer in Turkey can be of great help in various activities and circumstances.

We’ll be happy to advise you whom to go for what and assist you by making the necessary appointments

To give a few examples: you want to start your own business in Turkey, but have no clue how such a thing is done, where to begin, what the legal requirements and formalities are, where you need to go for what and so on. Whether you want to buy a Turkish company, but would first like to conduct an external audit in order to be fully informed about this company so that you don’t buy a pig in a poke. Or you want to acquire a stake in a Turkish company and want to find out about the other partners, their solvency, reputation and the like. Also in such a case, it is useful to have an analysis by a third party.

Whom to go to for legal advice in Turkey?

All very well, but who and how do you choose? Who is specialised in this matter? You can, of course, appeal to the professionals whom you know from your country of origin for this particular case, but it is unlikely that they are aware of Turkey's legislation and customs, and that they master the Turkish language; which is absolutely necessary for such a kind of job.

RealProinvest does not employ a bunch of lawyers – we are, after all, no law firm – but advises you where to go for such matters. Throughout our many years of experience; we have guided several clients in finding the right lawyer, consultant or auditing firm.

Dealing with private legal matters in Turkey

Also in personal matters, we grant you advice who you can consult best for, e.g. to draft a prenup, or to conduct the division of property in the event of a divorce in an smooth manner. Also a will in Turkey for the inheritance of your villa or apartment in Turkey can be very useful and save your heirs a lot of worries afterwards. Contacting qualified people whom provide you with proper advice might avoid a lot of misery.

Just as we consider it as our duty to help you with your integration in Turkey, we believe that this also has to be part of the services of RealProinvest: assist you in finding the right experts who can provide you with legal advice in a professional manner. Are you looking for an English lawyer in Antalya? No problem, we'll give you some addresses. Are you looking for an accounting firm that specialises in financial audits in the hotel industry? We provide the appropriate contacts. Also for legal advice in Turkey, our clients can appeal to us. You can find a complete overview of the services of RealProinvest here.