How can we help you?

Your relationship with RealProinvest doesn’t stop after signing the purchase contract of your villa or apartment in Turkey … No, then it begins actually for real! We offer you a wide range of services – of which a large part for free – ranging from connecting water and electricity and helping you to set up your new home in Turkey; up to and including legal assistance and the complete management of your property. We will make every effort to assist you in arranging various practical matters of all kind – and if you wish we do them even on your behalf – and we make sure you are quickly settled in your apartment or villa in Turkey. On the following pages of our service-section; you will find in detail all the relevant information. On this page you can find an overview of our services for you. This list is obviously not complete, and we mention whatsoever only the – according to our opinion – most important ones. If you have special requests or any questions, please feel free to contact us or just fill out the contact form on our site.

RealProinvest offers you a wide range of free services – which are directly related to the purchase of your villa or apartment in Turkey – and a number of other services – such as legal services, the management of your property in Turkey, business advice related to Turkey, and so on – for which we charge a small fee.

Which services do we provide for free when purchasing a villa or an apartment in Turkey at RealProinvest?

At RealProinvest, we think it’s quite logical that – after the purchase of your villa or apartment in Turkey – we help you with a number of practical issues concerning your new home in Turkey, and several of our services which are directly related to the purchase of your property in Turkey are therefore for free. We assist you, free of charge, to obtain all necessary documents – such as a tax identification number, passport photos and the translation of your passport – required for the purchase of a property in Turkey. See also the info pages about the way we work, and more specifically those about the documents required for the purchase of a villa or an apartment in Turkey. Other issues such as the opening of a bank account in Turkey and connecting the utilities are also included in our free service package.

Applying for a tax number in Turkey

One of our employees will – if you wish to, you can handle these things also yourself if you so prefer of course – hit the road together with you for the application of your tax number; which you absolutely need for connecting the utilities and for the actual purchase of your property in Turkey.

Opening a bank account in Turkey

We will accompany you for free during the opening procedure of a Turkish bank account of your choice, and, if you so wish, we are happy to advise you which bank meets best your needs and expectations.

Registration fees for the Tapu

We will complete the registration of the title deed of your new villa or apartment in Turkey – the so-called Tapu – for you, and of course we take care of the administration related thereto. You only pay the statutory registration fees and taxes.

Connecting electricity, water, Internet and phone

We also arrange absolutely free for you the connecting of water, electricity, Internet and phone, so you don’t have to deal with running from one instance to another. The only thing we ask you is a power of attorney so that our staff can handle these formalities for you. They are well aware of these procedures and your utilities will be hooked up in no time.

Buying furniture and household appliances

Furthermore, we help you for free in selecting furniture and other stuff for the decoration of your property in Turkey. We’d love that your new home becomes now your "home" as soon as possible, that’s why we’re going to do everything to let the decoration of your villa or apartment in Turkey proceeds as smoothly as possible. If you wish, you can leave everything up to us, and we will ensure that one of our staff members will be present on the day of delivery, so your new home in Turkey will be ready to move in when you return.

Is there anything more we can do to help you?

After all those practical matters have been taken care of, you can now start using your new home in Turkey. Depending on your personal situation and your needs, we provide a whole range of other services. Some examples …

Applying for a residence permit (Ikamet) in Turkey

If you wish to stay for a long time in Turkey, it is necessary to apply for an Ikamet (residence permit), see also our information page about the visa for Turkey. Our employees are fully informed of all the details about this procedure and they make sure that your application for a residence permit (Ikamet) in Turkey moves swiftly and expeditiously.

Decoration or renovation and repairs of your home in Turkey

It could be that, after a while, you like to redecorate, whether or not in combination with alterations, your property in Turkey, or maybe some repairs are necessary. RealProinvest works closely with a variety of specialists and highly skilled professionals. We will gladly advise you about who you can contact for this work, and assist you in establishing the necessary contacts. We will also act as interpreter to facilitate the communication is you wish. Since we know this industry very well of course, you can outsource the work completely to us if you would like to do so.

Legal services in Turkey

RealProinvest does not employ a bunch of lawyers – we are, after all, not a law firm – but will advise you where you need to be for legal assistance and will provide you the necessary information. Throughout our many years of experience, we have assisted several clients in finding the right lawyer, consultant or audit firm in Turkey. Both for personal or business legal advice, we know to whom you should go about what, and which people have the most experience and knowledge to give the best service. One of the issues for which our customers regularly call on us, is the draft of a will in Turkey.

To draft a will in Turkey

One of the best ways the to ensure that the legacy of your villa or apartment in Turkey – if it is a personal property – will be handled quickly and smoothly; is to draft a will in Turkey. It is not an absolute necessity, but will significantly shorten and facilitate the procedure of transfer of ownership. Therefore, we advise our clients to draft a will in Turkey if the property is bought in a personal capacity. If your property in Turkey is incorporated in a company, other arrangements are recommended. We are at your service as well in these matters; and will help you to find the right consultants and, of course, you can rely on our staff for the necessary assistance.

Business information about Turkey

Turkey is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and this fact makes Turkey a perfect country to start your own business. In contrary to what is generally believed; this is not at all complicated or difficult. The Turkish government is doing every effort to please the foreign investors and therefore offers several advantages in starting up a business in Turkey. Also in these matters, you can call upon the RealProinvest services, and some basic information can be found here. The legal advisors with whom we collaborate are among the top and we are happy to share their knowledge with you!

Guaranteed rental income from your property in Turkey

For the investor who is looking for a good investment in Turkey with high efficiency, we offer the formula of guaranteed rental in selected residences. With this unique service, RealProinvest gives you the opportunity to buy apartments in Turkey, whereby we guarantee you contractually a net yield of 5% per year. We make sure that your apartment (s) in Turkey are rented out, and all you have to do is collect your 5% annually. In addition, these apartments are also located in luxurious residences that continually increase in value ...

Insurance in Turkey

When purchasing a property in Turkey, the owner is required to take out a DASK-insurance. Obviously, RealProinvest will assistance you in selecting the right insurance for your new property and for yourself and your family in Turkey. Some of our employees are specialised in this matter, and will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various insurance policies for you. In addition, RealProinvest also provides communication with the insurance company and the handling of possible insurance claims on your behalf.

Airport transfers

We also offer our customers the opportunity to use our own private transport service; both for transfers to and from the airport as private trips. Our experienced drivers keep a close eye on the arrival times, so you can be sure that they are waiting for you upon your arrival, to bring you fast, safe and comfortably to your home in Turkey. Individual excursions with private driver can be designed and customised specifically to your needs. Service without worries, that's our objective ...

Car rental

If you wish, you can call on RealProinvest to rent a car in Turkey; also for this service, our customers can rely on us. We work with some excellent and 100% reliable car hire companies. As with our real estate and all of our other services, we provide an excellent service and the best price/quality ratio. A phone call to one of our staff members is sufficient and we will arrange everything for you!

Don't feel like driving? We provide a private driver!

You don't feel like driving? No problem: individual excursions with private driver can be designed and customised specifically to your needs!

Management of your property in Turkey

Buying a villa or an apartment in Turkey without any worries? Thanks to our after-sales service and the "RealProinvest Diamond Service Pack", this can be done! With the RealProinvest Diamond Service Pack, you are relieved of a lot of little worries like paying your electricity and internet bills and the annual real estate tax, we regularly check your villa or apartment in Turkey during your absence etc. Moreover, you can use our assistance in arranging a series of practical matters; such as booking flight tickets, hiring cleaning and maintenance staff, and much more. For as little as € 150 a year, you can use all these services we have pooled in our RealProinvest Diamond Service Pack.