Our approach is to provide you with the best possible service! What can we do for you?

Our goal is to give you the best service!
What can RealProinvest do for you?

The RealProinvest team makes their best effort to make you – our customer – happy with the purchase of your villa or apartment in Turkey. It sometimes happens that someone has special or unusual requirements. Also those customers we warmly welcome. They make our job a bit exciting and we like a challenge ...

We also know that some of our "colleagues" have made a mess of the real estate business in Turkey in the past (and sometimes even now they still continue to do so); and these abuses, of course, reflect on the entire sector. Unfortunately – but understandably – we are confronted daily with distrustful and suspicious customers. That is why we make every possible effort to provide you – our potential customers – the best service to convince you RealProinvest is a reliable partner.

Turkey is currently one of the best countries in the world to invest in real estate

Transparency and clarity

One of the ways we try to realise this, is to work as clear and transparent as possible. Our offices are always open to you, even if it's just to have a chat over a cup of Turkish tea or coffee, and to enjoy the famous Turkish hospitality. In this way, you can see for yourself that we are not some kind of obscure brokers office with a cool website and idle talk, but a solid company with more than twenty employees; who make every effort to ensure that you become a happy customer and that you remain a happy customer.

Honest and correct

From our point of view, this can be achieved only by working honestly and properly, and to ensure excellent service. Sometimes it takes a while, but it pays off. Nothing is more fun than getting into contact with someone who has been referred to us by a client of a few years ago. An overview of our strengths, and a number of good reasons why you might choose RealProinvest, can be read here.

Our core values – transparency, honesty, good quality information, excellent service and a fair price – are key elements throughout this website and – even more importantly – our working method; with the main objective: satisfied and happy customers. Of course we are trying to make a living also – that goes without saying – but we do have chosen quite deliberately to do this in a professional way and fair and square. And, furthermore, we offer you the best possible service.

What can we do for you? How can we help you?

When you purchase an apartment or villa in Turkey at RealProinvest, we make every effort to ensure that you can enjoy your new property as soon as possible. To achieve this, we have decided to do the most crucial work, related to the acquisition, for free for you – and together with you where your presence is required – to make sure that you can comfortably enjoy your new home in Turkey in no time.

A detailed overview of our services, and a list of which services we offer you for free when you buy an apartment or villa in Turkey at RealProinvest, you can find at our services pages. Hereafter you can find a small overview.

Our free services when you purchase a villa or apartment in Turkey at RealProinvest

Free application for a tax identification number and opening a bank account in Turkey

First we take you to the tax office to apply for your tax identification number (which is absolutely required to buy a property in Turkey, to open a bank account, to connect water and electricity etc.). Afterwards, we guide you through the procedure of opening a Turkish bank account, and of course we provide you all the information about it in advance, so you can make a well-considered choice about at which bank in Turkey you will open an account. For both procedures – requesting a tax number as well as the opening of a bank account in Turkey – your personal presence is required.

Free connecting of utilities

RealProinvest arranges for you – free of charge – the formalities relating to connecting the utilities like water, electricity, Internet, ... If you give us a power of attorney, your presence is not required and you can enjoy the Turkish sun rather than spending your day running around from one office to another.

Free assistance with picking out new furniture and household appliances

We help you for free in selecting furniture and appliances to decorate your home and make sure everything will be delivered and installed properly, even if you should be absent at the time of delivery. This means less headaches for you. Due to the knowledge of our staff, your new home will be ready in no time, and your presence is even not required to arrange all the practical details.

Free registration of your property

The registration of the title deed – the so-called Tapu – of your new villa or apartment in Turkey and all related activities will be covered by us. You only pay the statutory registration fees and taxes.

More information about our services can be found on our service pages

So far this little overview of our free services. Before you reach the point that you decide to buy a villa or apartment in Turkey at RealProinvest, you will probably want to know more about us and our methods of working. Below, and on the following pages, you can further explore how we work and what you can expect from us.

Acquaintance, introduction and information

From the moment on that you decide to buy a villa or an apartment in Turkey and you contact us, RealProinvest will accompany you – without any obligation of course – throughout the selection and purchasing process.

Of course, you can just contact us for any information. We are always pleased to give you a clear and accurate answer to all your questions about the purchase of real estate in Turkey, and everything – absolutely everything – that is related to it.


On our website, you get a clear overview of our current portfolio. An apartment in Antalya, a villa in Kemer or Side, a holiday home in Alanya; whether you wish to invest in real estate with a high revenue; you will find it almost certainly.

Looking for something special, or can’t you find what you’re looking for? Please send us an email at info@realproinvest.com or fill in the application form. Our professional sales staff will guide you in making the right choice. You will find on our website also clear and comprehensive information about each property, and while visiting them during your inspection trip, you get from us an uncluttered info sheet with all the detailed information regarding the visited properties.

Free inspection Trip

You want to take a look on the spot, of course ... Therefore we invite you to Turkey for a viewing trip. This gives you the opportunity to visit our main office in Antalya, Alanya or Istanbul – how can you better find out about the way we work? – and to visit the various villas and apartments in Turkey that meet your selection criteria with our vendors. If you are already in Turkey, you are always welcome at any of our offices. Just contact us and we will send along a car and driver to pick you up at your residence.


RealProinvest guarantees quality in all respects. This means that we only offer real estate which conforms to our stringent quality standards in the field of construction, location, return on investment, etc. And, of course, solely buildings of which the legal documents such – as the Tapu and Iskan – are completely in order are eligible! In other words, we apply stringent selection criteria. We offer only apartments and villas in Turkey which comply at an excellent price/quality ratio.

RealProinvest is a large real estate agent with a relatively small portfolio. Many of our minor counterparts offer a wider range. The explanation is very simple: due to our stringent selection criteria, we do not just put every apartment or villa which is for sale in Turkey in our portfolio. Our main goal is a satisfied customer, and that is something we can only achieve if we deliver quality at a fair price with good service.

Quality, however, cannot be limited to the property or the investment itself. We offer you the best service and assistance, decent information, an outstanding after-sales service, and of course the actual purchase procedure is in line also with our high quality standards.

The purchase procedure

Once you've made your choice, all legal documents such as Tapu and Iskan are checked one last time by our specialists. Public authorities and databases are consulted in order to ascertain whether there are no ongoing legal procedure’s concerning the property, the property is free of debts etc. Only when everything is checked and we have a clear “go”, we shall prepare the contract.

Thanks to many years of experience, we are very familiar with the whole process – after all, our staff is doing these things on a daily basis and therefore they know where they have to go when, and whom to contact – and this enables us to complete the entire purchase process in a few days.

After-Sales Service

For some of our colleagues, the relationship with the customer ends as soon as the contract is signed, and the villa or apartment in Turkey is sold. However, this is not the way work at RealProinvest. At RealProinvest, we’re not happy unless the customer is satisfied, very satisfied. You are, after all, our best endorsement! And that includes a comprehensive after-sales service, that goes without saying!

We are always at your service for any questions related to the purchase of a property and the daily life in Turkey, even after the contract is signed ... RealProinvest helps you with all the practical aspects; such as the application for a residence permit, connecting water and electricity, the management of your property, selecting a school for your children, legal services, insurances, ... An overview of our after sales services can be found here. For additional services or questions you can always contact us. If you would like to be informed about any changes in the procedures, or about new projects and / or extraordinary opportunities to make an excellent investment in Turkey, we advise you to subscribe to our newsletter or to consult our blog regularly.