Insurance in Turkey

Just like in other countries, you can take out different types of insurance in Turkey, and of course some insurance are mandatory; such as car insurance and – if you own a property in Turkey – there is a compulsory insurance against the consequences of earthquakes, called DASK insurance. Some of them are listed below; and, in this area as well, RealProinvest has specialised staff who will gladly explain all the options and help you to choose the appropriate insurance in Turkey that suits your needs and wishes best. They will explain you all the details of the policies and, obviously, if an insurance issue would occur and you should appeal to your insurance in Turkey, RealProinvest will assist you with the communication and the paperwork.

Health insurance in Turkey

Depending on your insurance policy in your home country, your personal health insurance from your land of origin might cover also certain medical expenses in Turkey. However, if you are planning to stay in Turkey for a long time, it is advisable to take out an additional health insurance in Turkey. As a result of recent changes in the application procedure for a residence permit for Turkey (Ikamet); it is even more or less obliged to have a Turkish health insurance. In theory – under certain conditions – some European or international health insurances are also accepted for your Ikamet; but in practise this is quite a hassle. We therefore advise our customers, for their own convenience, to take out health insurance in Turkey. There are several policies on the market, and the amount of the in insurance premium depends on your age and the quality of service – which means in this particular case what kind of expenses are being covered or not – of the insurance policy.

If you are sure that all medical costs are covered by your “original” health insurance, it goes without saying that the cheapest health insurance in Turkey will do for your Ikamet. We advise you to check it thoroughly: just as in Europe or other parts of the world, the expenses of a medical intervention and/or hospitalizations can be pretty high. With a good supplementary health insurance in Turkey, you can also go private hospitals, where they offer high-quality medical services and often have the most modern equipment. From all over the world, people come especially to Turkey, for example, to have a laser treatment of their eyes or to fix their teeth. The prices are indeed significantly lower than in other countries and the quality of treatment in Turkey is at a very high level; just as the expertise of the medical staff.

The specialists of RealProinvest will be happy to advise you in choosing the right health insurance and assist you at the conclusion of your insurance in Turkey. If desired, they will guide you in case of hospitalisation and speak with the doctors and the nursing staff regarding your demands and the desired treatment to make everything clear. And, of course, by dealing with the administration concerning your health insurance.

The insurance of your villa or apartment in Turkey

For your property in Turkey, it is required by law – this obligation was introduced after the great earthquake of 1999 – to conclude a DASK insurance against damage caused by earthquakes. The cost of this insurance is very low since the risk of an earthquake on the Turkish Riviera is almost nil. The amount of the insurance premium is based upon the value of your property as stated on the Tapu (which is almost always less than the fair value, see Tapu). In addition; Turkish people traditionally often choose the cheapest solution; and you can insure your property in Turkey for a minimal amount of a few tens of Euro per year for a home of e.g. 100 square metres. You need to submit a proof of the DASK insurance for connecting water and electricity, and also when applying for your Ikamet (residence permit in Turkey).

Just as with the health insurance, there are also several possibilities. If goes without saying that, if you go for the cheapest legally approved insurance, you will be under-insured. We advise you to take a decent supplementary insurance and the prices are quite reasonable. It would lead us too far to discuss this in detail here; since the possibilities, options and combinations – water damage, furniture whether or not included, theft, fire damage, damage caused by third parties, etc. – are almost endless and the prices depend upon the value of the insured property. Just as in other countries, you can take out an insurance in Turkey close to just about everything and anything.

If something would happen during your absence, our staff will – if required – contact the insurance company on your behalf and discuss everything with you, so that any damage can be repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will not only help you to take out the necessary insurance in Turkey, but we are also at your disposal if something might occur. Also this makes RealProinvest just that little bit different ...