Buying a villa or an apartment in Turkey: how does that work?

Buying a villa or an apartment in Turkey: how does that work? Which are the specific issues you should pay attention to when you decide to purchase a villa or an apartment in Turkey? What kind of documents do you need? You will find a lot of answers about those topics on our info pages. Please feel free to contact us is you should have any questions.

RealProinvest accompanies you throughout the entire purchase procedure when you buy a villa or an apartment in Turkey; from the moment you arrive at the airport for a familiarisation trip with the Turkish real estate market until you receive the title deed to your new home or investment in Turkey. A brief overview of the buying process is described below, so you have an idea what the purchase of a villa or apartment in Turkey entails.

We support you throughout the entire purchase process and thereafter

We give you the best possible service and advice, we give you detailed information and the guarantee that the entire purchase process of your villa or apartment in Turkey is compliant with the Turkish and international laws. Our open and transparent way of working provides confidence to both the seller and the buyer. We also ensure the proper registration of your new property and provide a comprehensive service for all practical issues involved with buying a property in Turkey; such as connecting electricity, water and Internet, your residence permit (Ikamet), decoration of your property, payment of the taxes, managing your property, ...

1 A first selection

You make a preliminary selection of properties on our website. You will find in our portfolio only real estate which meets our strict selection criteria and which has an excellent price-quality ratio. If you do not immediately find what you are looking for, you can contact our sales department using the contact form. We will send you as soon as possible a selection of our properties that meet your needs.

2 Free no-obligation inspection trip

We offer you free accommodation in one of our comfortable apartments or villas in Turkey during your familiarisation trip. In this way, you have the opportunity to meet us on the spot, so you get to know us and our way of working. It also allows you to experience what it is like to live in Turkey. Buying a villa or an apartment in Turkey is, after all, quite a big step; and RealProinvest wants to give you the chance to really feel how it is, to taste life in Turkey before making such a decision.

3 Real estate selection

We’ll visit the properties of your choice, or – if you didn’t make a selection yet – we select together with you which properties meet your expectations and goals the closest. We'll show you the environment, give you as much information as possible about the property itself and the region, the alternatives, Turkey in general and so on. Of course, you will get an extensive information sheet of each visited property. We know very well that buying a villa or an apartment in Turkey is, after all, a serious issue and not something you do every day, so we want to inform you as good as possible.

4 Verification of the property

Once you have made a choice, your property once again will be subjected to a thorough check. Also this is one of the reasons for choosing RealProinvest. We do this not only before we include a property in Turkey in our portfolio, but again before we proceed to the drawing of the purchase and sale contract. For your and our security, all official documents such as Tapu and Iskan are screened again. Also, public authorities and databases from the government and financial institutions are consulted in order to ascertain whether there are no ongoing legal procedure’s concerning the property, the property is free of debts, mortgages or any other outstanding debts. When everything is checked and we have a clear “go”, we’ll prepare the purchase and sale contract.

Once the agreement is signed, you can move into your villa or apartment in Turkey

The sales contract is an agreement between two parties – the real estate agency, acting in name of the seller with an official power of attorney – or three parties: the real estate office, the seller and the buyer. The data of the parties involved, as well as the information relating to the purchased real estate – such as the price, the payment terms, the identification of the real estate and so on – are specified in the contract.

Interesting to note is that – as soon as the agreement is signed by all parties involved – the buyer has the full disposal and usage rights of the property, without any restriction; even though the ownership registration on behalf of the buyer is not complete yet. To put it another way: as soon as the agreement is signed, you can use your villa or apartment in Turkey!

An overview of the necessary documents for the purchase of a villa or an apartment in Turkey can be found on our information page regarding the required documents.

5 Forwarding the documents

Once the contract is signed, the procedure for the registration of the property in the name of the buyer is started. The handling of this procedure by means of a power of attorney – which covers only the handling of the registration process – is, of course, included in the standard service package of RealProinvest. We ensure that all documents are sent to the Office of Tapu and Cadastre.

6 The payment of the property

The payment of your villa or apartment in Turkey should be done in accordance with the contractual terms, which, of course, are drawn up in consultation with you.

7 Registration of the purchase of your apartment or villa in Turkey

Following the approval of the transfer of ownership by the competent authorities on the acquisition of real estate by foreigners – which is, of course, just a formality since we only accept properties in our real estate portfolio of which the documents are perfectly fine – and the payment of the taxes due; the buyer receives the certificate of property registration, called Tapu. This is the confirmation of transfer of ownership from the previous owner to the current. This title deed gives the buyer the full, perpetual and unrestricted right of ownership, which can’t be disputed in anyway by someone. Both one or more natural or legal persons can own a real estate in Turkey. Here you can find an overview of the purchase costs when you buy a villa or apartment in Turkey. We hope you have, after this explanation, a clear overview concerning the purchase procedure of an apartment or a villa in Turkey, how it is done and, especially, how easy it is. If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or just fill out the contact form on our site.