Our selection criteria for real estate

Before we include a villa or an apartment in Turkey in our portfolio, this property is subjected first to a thorough overall check by us. This quality control involves the building itself, the location, and all the documents and licences. A property will only be included in our portfolio if it meets our high quality standards. Which factors are taken into account?

Construction quality

Is the contractor enjoying a good reputation? Were quality materials used for the construction? Does this building meets all standards; also the future ones? Did the contractor always fulfil his obligations in the past? How is his overall reputation? Only when we know for sure that the contractor meets our high quality standards, his properties are included in our portfolio.

During the construction works, at regular intervals samples from the concrete are taken by inspectors from the government for the purpose of quality control

When the construction work was done by a developer or contractor who really has a truly excellent reputation and track record; we state this explicitly in the description of the relevant property.


This is obviously very subjective: what an excellent location is for one person can be a nightmare for someone else. Here we take especially into account the current situation and the likely evolution of the area. We are of course very well aware of the regional plans and community and social trends. Because of that, we can predict with a considerable degree of certainty how a particular neighbourhood will evolve over the next few years, and what will be the potential impact on the value of the property in that particular district.

Are there shops nearby? How is the public transport? Is this a quiet neighbourhood? All this information is included in our info sheets which we will give you while visiting the properties.

Evolution of the market prices

Thanks to a thorough analysis of the above mentioned, we can also make a good estimation of the investment value of real estate in a specific area, which is obviously very important for your investment. Of course, there are a number of additional elements involved; see also investing in real estate in Turkey.

Official documents

It goes without saying that this is a very important element. The official documents such Tapu and Iskan are always thoroughly checked by us. We do this both before we include a property in our portfolio, and a second time before drawing up a sales contract. If there is even a whisper of doubt, the corresponding property will not be accepted to our portfolio.

Price-quality ratio

Are you getting value for your money when you buy an apartment or villa in Turkey at RealProinvest? That's actually a very simple formulation of the concept of price-quality ratio. This is important for both the occasional buyer and the investor. Especially for someone who wants to invest in real estate in Turkey, it is extremely important to get proper information about the return on his investment. And it gets of course even more interesting when there are outstanding opportunities. We are monitoring those closely, and if you would like to be informed about those exceptional opportunities, we strongly advise you to subscribe to our newsletter and to consult regularly our blog.