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Kalkan – originally and old fisherman’s village – was one of the lesser-known villages on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, but that has been changing over the last years. Nowadays Kalkan has become a chic destination for the sophisticated British and European tourists and a lot of them like Kalkan so much that they decide to buy a luxury villa or an apartment in Kalkan. Having your own villa in Kalkan is not only a very pleasant experience but moreover also an excellent investment, as you will read in this article.

Kalkan is a quiet, authentic place where life is good.

At first sight, it looks a bit like a Greek or Italian village with its white houses, narrow streets and colorful flower beds; which makes Kalkan a very charming town. In recent years we see more and more luxury villas and low-rise buildings with fantastic penthouse apartments – of which several with their own private swimming pool and fantastic views – appearing on the surrounding hills. Kalkan is very well known and popular by Brits, which has the nice side effect that almost everybody in Kalkan speaks English. Kalkan is also a very popular destination among water sports fans because of its large offer and the warm, crystal clear sea.

Climate and location of Kalkan

The climate is - due to the shelter of the mountains - exceptionally lenient in Kalkan with an average of more than 300 days (!) of sunshine a year. During the summer months the temperature rises easily above 35 degrees, and in winter the daytime temperatures drop exceptionally below 15 degrees. The fact that “winter” is a rather abstract concept in Kalkan makes the village also popular for year round living. Kalkan is located halfway between Finike and Fethiye, about 25 kilometres west of the famous village of Kaş.

Sea and beaches at Kalkan

In Kalkan and surroundings are several beautiful beaches. On the eastern side of Kalkan, next to the harbour, is the city beach that has been awarded the Blue Flag for its purity. About ten minutes further by car is the famous Kaputaş beach. Because of the exceptional beauty of this bay, the turquoise sea and the lovely sandy beach, Kaputaş beach it is a very popular stopover for boat trips.

On the western side of Kalkan you will find the world famous Patara beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey and even in the entire world. This pristine sandy beach is almost 20 kilometers long and descends gently into the sea. There is an absolute ban on construction in Patara and the beach is only accessible at one side. If you walk for half an hour it seems as if you are alone on an desert island or a paradise beach ... Patara is also – thanks to this purity – a breeding place of the Caretta Caretta sea turtles. The Mediterranean Sea is of an unreal beauty and clarity in Patara, which can be stated for the entire Kaş-Kalkan region.

Places of interest in and around Kalkan

In addition to the beautiful beaches, also the archeological sites are a major attraction in Kalkan. You can find literally hundreds of ancient remains along the Lycian road – this part of the coast is also called the Lycian Coast – that passes through this region. The famous historical city of Xantos-Letoon – recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site – is located 25 kilometres from Kalkan. And please don’t forget that because of its authentic charm, Kalkan village is already an attraction on its own ...

Pros and cons of Kalkan

Kalkan is both a charming authentic village and a fashionable holiday resort, as well as a (semi) permanent residence for many wealthy British people who are absolutely not in a hurry and they contribute to the very relaxed atmosphere of Kalkan. The result of the massive presence of the Brits in Kalkan is that you can speak English almost everywhere and the fact that many people live the year round in Kalkan ensure that the shops are open throughout the year. This results that Kalkan is not only a very nice place to live but also very comfortable … The government has done everything to keep this region safe and crime is exceptionally low in Kalkan.

We can’t say anything really negative about Kalkan, but if you read the above you will already feel the mood: Kalkan is more expensive than the surrounding regions – see further at "Cost of living in Kalkan" – and there is no airport in the immediate vicinity. But … the transfer times to your villa or apartment in Kalkan will soon be reduced significantly!

Transport in Kalkan

As we speak, Kalkan is accessible from Dalaman airport – with direct charters and scheduled flights from the UK and Europe during the summer months – and from Antalya airport with direct charters all year round. The transfer time from Dalaman is about 2 hours, from Antalya 3 hours. During the winter months there are several flights a day from Istanbul and Ankara to Dalaman; and those two cities are connected to hundreds of airports around the world with thousands of flights daily.

But ... here comes the great news! In 2016, the Turkish government decided to build a new airport in the Kaş-Kalkan region, which will of course dramatically reduce transfer times. Furthermore, like almost everywhere in Turkey, there is an extensive range of bus services that take you to just about everywhere in Turkey. Kalkan is located near the main road D400 and is easily accessible by car.

Cost of living in Kalkan

Kalkan is very popular with water sports enthusiasts and wealthy Brits, which gives the town a sort of exclusive character. This of course has consequences for the prices and the overall cost of living is in Kalkan a bit higher than the average on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, especially in terms of real estate (see below).

Education in Kalkan

In Kalkan there are several schools with education in Turkish. For English education you can go to Fethiye.

Real estate in Kalkan

RealProinvest offers you extensive listings in Kalkan, ranging from stunning penthouse apartments up to very luxury and exclusive villas with private pools, stunning views, separate maid quarters etc. Most of the apartments are located in low-rise residences and a lot of our villas in Kalkan have sea views and even private beach access and membership of an exclusive beach club.

Why invest in real estate in Kalkan?

As in the entire Kaş-Kalkan region, there is also a shortage of building land in Kalkan itself. This in combination with the fact that Kalkan is very popular – both as a holiday destination as for year round living – ensures of course solid prices that have been rising for years and still continue to rise. The construction of the new airport will give this region an extra boost; with the result that real estate prices will rise even more. Also the rental yield – which is already quite high in Kalkan – will be even higher due to the easier accessibility by the new airport.

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