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Applying for a tax number in Turkey

Why do I need a tax number in Turkey?

Applying for a tax number in Turkey is actually one of the first things to do when you want – whether or not permanent – to settle in Turkey or when you want to buy an apartment or villa in Turkey. You need a tax number to open a bank account in Turkey, to apply for a Ikamet (residence permit), to get a mobile phone contract in Turkey, ...

There are quite a few misconceptions about the term "tax number” in Turkey". "National number" or "National identification number" would actually be a better description. When you have a tax number in Turkey, this doens’t mean that you're going to have to pay taxes in Turkey ...

How can I get my tax number in Turkey?

The application for a tax number in Turkey (Vergi numarası) is very simple: you go to the local tax office, take your identity card or passport with you, and a copy thereof. On the copy; you write down your address in Turkey, and the names of your parents. That's all.

Your tax number is assigned straightaway, and with a little luck – if it’s not too busy at the tax office – the procedure will take only a couple of minutes. To request a tax number in Turkey is free of charge.

If you don’t speak Turkish, it may be helpful to be accompanied by someone who does. However, the procedure is so simple that this is not really necessary. Once you walk into the office and say the words “tax number” or “Vergi numarası ”, they really know where you are coming for …

It goes without saying that the assistance in applying for a tax number in Turkey is a free service for RealProinvest customers. If you would like to stay informed about any changes in the procedure, we advise you to subscribe here to our newsletter or to consult our blog regularly.