Furnishing and decorating your villa or apartment in Turkey


You have made the decision; your dream has come true, and you are the proud owner now of a property in Turkey! When most practical things such as electricity, water, telephone, internet and insurance for your new home in Turkey have been taken care of; a very nice but intensive task is awaiting you: transforming your property in Turkey into your "home in Turkey". Obviously, you can rely on the assistance of RealProinvest for the decoration of your property in Turkey.

The RealProinvest staff will be happy to assist you in figuring out the right stuff for your villa or apartment in Turkey, and will tell you the best places to purchase decorative materials – such as curtains and mood lighting up to great paintings – to give your new home in Turkey a personal finishing touch. Although many of our villas and apartments in Turkey are fully furnished and even ready to move in; we know this personal finishing touch is very important for many of us to feel truly "at home"; which is very logical of course.

We help you with the decoration of your villa or apartment in Turkey

Have you purchased an unfurnished property from us; or do you want to change the furniture? Of course we help you with this. Thanks to our experience, we know to find the right stores for everyone’s taste and budget; and we also work with excellent interior designers whom succeed again and again to meet everyone's needs. Would you like to visit for a day the best furniture stores in Antalya to get an overview of the possibilities? No problem, we bring or accompany you – depending on your preference – to Aspendos Bulvarı, where all the major furniture stores of Turkey have a branch.

Are you looking for a good decorator at Konyaaltı? We know who will do a good job at a fair price

Also for the selection of electrical household appliances, you can rely on RealProinvest for advice and information. Why is an air conditioner of brand X twice the price as one from brand Y? Is brand X really so much better? What about their service in case of any defects? We provide you with the required and correct information.

RealProinvest even takes care of the coordination of delivery, installation and assembly of your furniture if you should be absent. Suppose that you – after the purchase of your property in Turkey and after you have selected everything that you need for your new home in Turkey – are forced to be absent for a while. No problem, we make sure everything is installed properly; and by the time you return, your new home in Turkey is waiting for you and ready to move in.

Even later on, you can rely on RealProinvest when any alterations or renovations have to be done. Quite logical, we know this industry like our own backyard and will give you all the assistance you need. Who is the best solar panels installer in Belek? Where can I find a good plumber in Kemer? Which electrician would you recommend me in Alanya? Please contact one of our staff members and you know it right away.

We can continue for a while like this with some more examples, but of course that would make little sense. The message is that you can always count on RealProinvest, both before and after signing the sales contract of your villa or apartment in Turkey; so also for the decoration of your property in Turkey. Why are we doing this? Because we want our customers to be satisfied, very satisfied! You are, after all, our best publicity ...