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Fethiye is a coastal town located at a 40 kilometres east of Dalaman and enjoys international fame for its very pleasant atmosphere and proximity to the world famous bay of Ölüdeniz. The high level of comfort and the fact that Fethiye is a particularly safe and charming town; make it very popular with tourists and immigrants. The wide city promenade – with its many shops and terraces – it is a pleasant place to be all year round. From the picturesque harbour you can make a boat trip to one of the beautiful and quiet beaches in the neighborhood. Fethiye is definitely a very pleasant city to live. Good to know: most of the people in shops, restaurants, bars, banks, pharmacies etc. in Fethiye and Çalış speak English.


A few kilometres south of the centre of Fethiye lies the famous sandy beach of Çalış. Slowly but surely Çalış has become an international resort during the last years; and is closely connected with Fethiye. Fethiye's new modern promenade – with its hotels, shops and restaurants – now extends to Çalış beach. Of course, Çalış has its own picturesque beach promenade with many cozy restaurants and bars where you can relax and enjoy unforgettable sunsets.

Çalış distinguishes itself in a very positive way by the absolute prohibition of high-rise buildings. The total number of floors is limited to 3. The low-rise constructions in combination with the surrounding nature ensures that Çalış has a peaceful and charming appearance. Most of the developments in Çalış are spacious with beautiful well-kept gardens, large swimming pools and offer 24/7 security and camera surveillance. And for those who want a bit more action, there is of course Fethiye city with its vibrant nightlife at just a few kilometres – a couple of minutes by car – away.

Climate and location of Fethiye & Çalış

Fethiye is located 40 kilometres east of Dalaman and about 200 kilometers west of Antalya. Fethiye lies on the border of the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea. The climate is moderate Mediterranean; a bit warmer than in Marmaris and Bodrum, but a little less hot than in Antalya and Alanya. The number of hours of sunshine per year is almost the same as in Antalya. Dry warm summers, and during winter a little bit more precipitation.

Sea and beaches at Fethiye & Çalış

As well in Fethiye itself and in the immediate vicinity there are several clean and well-equipped beaches. Cream of the crop is of course the world famous bay of Ölüdeniz. The large sandy beach of Çalış is one of the best and most beautiful beaches in the whole region.

Places of interest in and around Fethiye

One of the biggest attractions in the Fethiye region is without any doubt the bay of Ölüdeniz, which is unanimously described as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This bay was already popular for some time by beach and Turkey enthusiasts, but after the successful movie "The Blue Lagoon" from the eighties – which was shot entirely in Ölüdeniz – its popularity rose to unprecedented levels. Ölüdeniz is also one of the world centres for paragliding and during the summer months you can see literally dozens of paragliders floating in the air above Ölüdeniz beach on busy days. Just about every tourist guide book you see about the Turkish Riviera or Turkey has a picture of Ölüdeniz on its cover. That speaks volumes ... Is it exaggerated? No, absolutely not, Ölüdeniz is really a stunning place; everyone who has been there will confirm this!

The sandy beach of Çalış is also such a magic place: anyone looking for a breathtaking backdrop for a romantic sunset will certainly not be disappointed ... Those who love butterflies should definitely visit "Butterfly Valley": a unique nature reserve with a beautiful beach and – of course – plenty of butterflies. During summer there are boat trips to Butterfly Valley from the harbour of Fethiye or from the beach of Ölüdeniz.

Also for the culture lover this is a beautiful region. Near Fethiye is Letoon, a city from the Lycian age – the eighth century BC – where you can visit the temples of Apollo and Artemis, as well as the well-preserved Amphitheatre.

For the more adventurous among us, a trip to Saklıkent – not to be confused with the ski resort of the same name in the vicinity of Antalya – is definitely worth a visit. Especially during the hot summer months; this is a wonderful day trip. In this natural park you can take a walk along, and in, an ice-cold river that flows through the canyon over a length of more than 15 kilometres.

Pros and cons of Fethiye & Çalış

Despite the fact that Fethiye now has more than hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants – of which more than seven thousand are English – the city still breathes the friendly atmosphere of a village. The number of German, Belgian and Dutch inhabitants is also increasing constantly . Obvioulsy, this ensures that English (and German) is spoken by the locals and certainly in the shops, restaurants, bars, banks etc.

Fethiye & Çalış are very nice places to live with a pleasant climate. Fethiye is a peaceful town where – to some extent due to tourism – is always something to do and you will never get bored. Fethiye also scores very high as a holiday resort: the British newspapers "The Guardian" and "The Times" chose Fethiye in 2007 as the best holiday resort in the world!

Any cons? In fact no! At least not significant. Maybe just the fact that Fethiye is not a “real big city” like Antalya or Izmir. But as a result of this, you also won’t have to face the disadvantages of a big city …

Cost of living in Fethiye & Çalış

Life in Fethiye is significantly cheaper than in Europe, the US or the UK. Fresh fruit and vegetables are very cheap – especially at the weekly local markets – and thanks to the climate they are available abundantly all year round. Prices for electricity, water, mobile phone subscriptions, public transport, hairdresser, car wash and the like are considerably lower in Turkey than in Europe, the UK and the US. In short: daily life is much cheaper in Fethiye and is at about the same price level as Antalya. Not only cheaper, but also more pleasant!

Transport in Fethiye & Çalış

Fethiye is located 40 kilometres from Dalaman airport, with direct international flights from and to most European cities and the UK throughout the summer season. In winter season there are low-cost scheduled flights to and from the UK and Europe via Ankara and Istanbul. Travel time from the airport to the centre of Fethiye is about 40 minutes by car, or less than one hour by bus. Like all Turkish cities, Fethiye has an extensive range of – very cheap – local public transport that connects the city with the surrounding regions.

Education in Fethiye & Çalış

There are many public and private schools in Fethiye.

Real estate in Fethiye & Çalış

Our listings in Çalış and Fethiye consist of apartments and villas in luxury residences, as well as private villas. The villas with sea view are very popular, but due to the scarcity of building plots – among other things as a reslut of the mountainous landscape – the offer is very limited and the prices are above average. The residences in Çalış are spacious with colourful, well-kept gardens and equipped with 24/7 security and camera surveillance. Almost all residences are located near or within walking distance of the beach of Çalış.

Why invest in real estate in Fethiye?

Fethiye is a very popular place among foreigners, both for holidays and year round living. The high foreign – and still increasing – demand pushes up prices; also because of the tourist appeal that ensures that an apartment or villa in Fethiye is easily rented out at solid conditions during the long summer season. The combination of all these factors makes real estate in Fethiye an excellent investment.

Why invest in real estate in Çalış?

As you could read above, there is a ban on high-rise buildings in Çalış. Moreover, the percentage of permitted built-up area is also limited. Add to that the nice architecture, the beautiful large gardens, the amazing sandy beach and the surrounding green hills and you will understand that Çalış definitely has an elitist character. There is no doubt that the chic Çalış will continue to develop into a fashionable seaside resort where life is wonderful during the next years. As a result, real estate prices in Çalış – which have already increased significantly over the past few years anyway – will continue to rise. Due to all those reasons it comes as no surprise that Çalış is also becoming more and more popular with investors ... RealProinvest applies strict selection criteria and we only offer our clients properties that are guaranteed to be a safe and good investment.

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