Come and meet with RealProinvest and Turkey using our free inspection trip

Why an inspection trip with RealProinvest?

If you are considering to buy a villa or an apartment in Turkey, whether it’s an investment in real estate in Turkey or a home for yourself, one of the better and nicer ways to do this, is to come and look around on the spot in Turkey through our inspection trip. During this inspection trip, you can see the location of the properties, check if a certain property meets your needs and expectations, examine the quality of real estate in Turkey, discover the region and so on ... And most importantly: during this inspection you will get to know us better as a partner, and you will figure out for yourself that you've come to the right place if you want to buy real estate in Turkey.

During the RealProinvest inspection trip, you will have the occasion to taste the life in Turkey

We believe that it is very important that you really get on-site acquainted with us. In this way we can show you that we not only sell sweet talk, but that we fulfil our promises. To give you that opportunity to get acquainted with us and Turkey, we invite you on our RealProinvest inspection trip. Ok, fine, but how does that work, this RealProinvest inspection trip to Turkey?

How does this work?

You are interested to buy a villa or an apartment in Turkey, but you don’t know how it works?

To begin with, please contact us by mail, phone, or fill out the information form on our website and request an inspection trip. Then we will contact you and together we will schedule a date for your inspection trip to Turkey. We discuss what type of real estate interests you, so that we can prepare together with you a selection of properties that we will visit during your RealProinvest inspection trip. It goes without saying that this is only a rough schedule which can be adjusted at any time of course. On this and other pages of our website you will find a lot of information concerning the purchase of a villa or apartment in Turkey.

Upon arrival for your RealProinvest inspection trip in Turkey, you will be picked up by us at the airport and we will bring you to your accommodation. During your inspection trip you will stay in one of our comfortable apartments, villas or a hotel. In the afternoon, or the next day, you will be picked up by one of our sales managers. He or she will accompany you throughout your inspection trip and will be your contact. He or she is, as it were, your personal assistant.

During this inspection trip, he gives you all the possible information about the real estate market in Turkey, the regions and their differences, and, of course, explains the entire purchase procedure of real estate in Turkey in detail. What should you consider if you want to buy a villa or an apartment in Turkey? What’s so important about the Tapu and Iskan? Why is a certain real estate such a good investment? How does the property registration works, what about the free installments, how does the guaranteed rental system works, and so on … And, of course, you will visit a number of properties of your choice along with your sales manager during your RealProinvest inspection trip in Turkey. Also here we inform you fully: about the environment, the pros and cons of a particular property, the monthly fees (Aidat), the neighbours ... and we'll give you full documentation about each visited property. Obviously, a bit of sightseeing and exploring the surroundings is also part of your RealProinvest inspection trip.

You stay for free in one of our luxury apartments during your RealProinvest inspection tour

When you have made your choice, and during your inspection trip you have decided to buy a villa or an apartment in Turkey at RealProinvest, we draw up all the official documents, the sales contract is signed and we will start the procedure for the property registration. A RealProinvest inspection trip normally takes 4 till 5 days. Thanks to our efficient working methods, this is sufficient for the entire purchase procedure of a villa or an apartment in Turkey; from the first viewing up to and including the property registration. You couldn’t decide yet? No problem: you are and will remain our guest! The RealProinvest inspection trip of is completely free and without any obligation. The day of departure, we pick you up at the appropriate time for your transfer to the airport.

Why an inspection trip with RealProinvest?

What makes the RealProinvest inspection trip so special? Why choose RealProinvest?

  • It is the best way to get an overview of the Turkish real estate market;
  • We arrange everything for you and we are at your disposal anytime;
  • You get complete and accurate information, and you deal with a professional reliable partner;
  • You stay for free in one of our luxury apartments, villas or hotels;
  • We only offer real estate with the best value for money;
  • You will experience "life" in Turkey;
  • During the inspection trip, you will have the opportunity to experience what it is like to stay in your own home in Turkey; and will understand why more and more people choose Turkey;
  • We plan a program especially tailored for you and, obviously, you have more than enough free time to enjoy the sea and the sun. We will definitely not drag you around from one property to another day after day.

If you are already in Turkey, please contact us and we will make an appointment with you as soon as possible. We will send a car to pick you up so you can get acquainted with our company and visit the properties of your choice.