Apartments and villa's for sale in Demirtaş

Demirtaş is located next to Kargıcak around twenty five kilometres east of Alanya, in fact halfway between Alanya and Gazipaşa Airport. Demirtaş is a new developing area where it is still amazingly relaxed without mass tourism; and Demirtaş is therefore very popular among nature lovers looking for a peaceful and quiet setting. Demirtaş is a wonderful place for holidays and year round living, where even during the hot summer months it is pleasant to stay thanks to the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful sandy beaches.

If you want some action: Alanya - especially in summer - is buzzing both by day and by night. There are hundreds of restaurants in all price ranges with a very extensive – both Turkish and international – menu, bars, clubs, discotheques, ... Alanya is also a very international city: literally tens of thousands (!) of foreigners – more than half of them Europeans – have bought a villa or apartment in Alanya and quite a few of them have settled permanently in Alanya.

Climate and location of Demirtaş

Demirtaş is located around twenty five kilometres east of Alanya and 165 kilometres from Antalya. The climate in Demirtaş is the same as in Alanya: more than 300 days of sunshine per year, mild winters and hot summers.

Sea and beach in Demirtaş

Along the entire coastline of Demirtaş, sandy beaches slope gently into the water. The natural beaches are a nesting place for Caretta Caretta, the famous sea turtles who come here to lay their eggs in the warm sand.

Places of interest in and around Demirtaş

Apart from the tranquillity, the beautiful beaches and the fantastic climate, there is - of course - plenty to do and see in the area around Demirtaş. For example, the Sapadere Canyon is a must - especially on a hot summer day - where you can hike through the canyon and refresh yourself in the ice-cold mountain river. Just the ride alone towards Sapadere Canyon makes the trip more than worthwhile thanks to the beautiful mountain scenery. The ancient Roman city of Siedr is also well worth a visit, and of course there's Alanya city, which is less than half an hour drive.

Pros and cons of Demirtaş

Demirtaş is synonymous with clean air, fresh natural dairy products, fruit and vegetables all year round, and of course more than 300 days of sunshine a year. The local population of just 3000 is mainly engaged in agriculture. Demirtaş is a wonderfully quiet village and therefore exerts a special attraction for those who enjoy a calm and natural life.

Are there any cons? Since Demirtaş is so quiet, it goes without saying that there are not many shops, restaurants or bistros. The nightlife is also at a low ebb. If you are someone who likes to do a lot of shopping and partying, then Alanya centre, Oba or Mahmutlar is a much better place for you to go.

Cost of living in Demirtaş

The cost of living in Demirtaş is on a par with the rest of the region. Fresh natural produce is available abundantly all year round and very cheap. In the local shops of Demirtaş you will find everything you need. For larger purchases it may be more interesting to go to Alanya or Mahmutlar, where you have the choice of dozens of supermarkets and some shopping centres.

Transport in and to Demirtaş

There are regular bus connections from Demirtaş to the centre of Alanya and Gazipaşa Airport. During the summer months, there are direct charter flights from some European and Russian cities to Gazipaşa, which of course ensures short transfer times to Demirtaş as it is only about 15 kilometres away. There are also domestic scheduled flights connecting Gazipaşa with the rest of Turkey. Demirtaş is also easily accessible by car via the main D400 road.

You can also come to Demirtaş through the international airport of Antalya with year-round cheap direct (charter)flights from all major airports in Western Europe, the UK and Russia. For the transfer from the airport of Antalya to Demirtaş you can count on two hours via the D400 which has been partially been remodeled to a highway.

Education in Demirtaş

For education, you need Alanya, which has an extensive range of schools at all levels with many fields of study.

Real estate in Demirtaş

Several new residences with extensive infrastructure and of excellent quality are currently under construction in Demirtaş, of which we have included the most interesting ones in our listings, and of course there are regularly resale apartments. RealProinvest also offers sometimes villas in Demirtaş, most of which are located directly at the coast on the first line. Many foreigners are attracted by the quiet, peaceful atmosphere; the spacious, green surroundings and the excellent price-quality ratio of the real estate in Demirtaş. The prices in Demirtaş are on average 10 to 15 percent lower compared to Alanya.

Our listings of Alanya region are quite large and RealProinvest only presents you a strict selection which is limited to properties that offer the best value for money for everyone’s budget.

Why invest in real estate in Demirtaş?

Demirtaş is still in the start-up stage, both as a holiday resort and as a permanent residence. Due to the many advantages - close to Gazipaşa Airport, beautiful beaches, lovely nature, peaceful atmosphere and just half an hour drive to Alanya centre - it is obvious that Demirtaş will increase in popularity in the near future, both with the domestic and foreign population. Especially the (older) villas on the first line will be very popular in the next few years and are therefore without doubt a very good investment. Currently the prices are still relatively low, especially considering the high investment potential of this region.

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