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  • Very low purchase costs and fixed charges

    In contrasts with the European market, the acquisition cost of an apartment or villa in Turkey is very low. If you add on another 3 percent, you have the total cost of the purchase. Not only the purchase price of real estate in Turkey is a whole lot - or even more than half - lower; but in addition, the purchase cost is also very low.

    The annual running costs for a villa or apartment in Turkey are minimal.

  • Why invest in real estate in Turkey?

    Why invest in Turkey and invest - more specifically - in real estate in Turkey? Well, there are several very good reasons to do so. Turkey is in fact a real growth economy, and everything indicates that this still will not change, on the contrary. But of course it is not just about economic growth. Much more important are the constantly rising real estate prices.

    Property prices in Turkey rise by 18% per year!

  • Free viewing trip

    If you are planning to buy a villa or an apartment in Turkey - whether it is an investment in real estate in Turkey or a house for yourself - one of the better and nicer ways to do this; is to come to Turkey and have al look for yourself by an inspection trip.

    During this inspection trip, you will get to know us better as a partner and you will realize that you've come to the right place if you want to buy property in Turkey.

  • The way we work: Providing the best Service

    The RealProinvest team makes every effort to make you - our customer - very happy with the purchase of a villa or an apartment in Turkey. We make every effort to make sure you become, are and remain a very satisfied customer. In our opinion, this can only be achieved by working honestly and properly, and by ensuring an excellent service.

    Our method: providing service! What can we do for you?

  • Why choose Realproinvest?

    Realproinvest is a professional consulting firm with an excellent reputation and works only with 100% reliable partners. In our offer you will find only properties with excellent value for money. You will receive detailed information, our staff will assist you by the selection and help you with everything that is involved concerning the purchase of real estate in Turkey.

    Our customers are very satisfied with our transparent and professional way of working!